New Switch Pro details leak from Chinese accessory manufacturer

New Switch Pro details leak from Chinese accessory manufacturer claim the Nintendo Switch Pro will have an OLED screen, new dock, and Surface-style stand.

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Sonic-and-Crash55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

while i consider Mario Odyssey the best platform game of the generation (,only Astrobot can compare with it as equal but is short )...and Zelda BoTW was absolutely perfect open world experience and one of the best ever my Switch just gathers dust 3 years now........

Nintedo continues the lame tactic to support their console with only 3 worthy game per generation...... if they release BoTW 2 for original Switch i will definitely buy it but i wont touch a new NIntedno console for a long time

jznrpg55d ago

BoTW was not perfect . Good game but nowhere near perfect . Combat was simple, world was very empty , enemies needed more variation and more complexity and the weapon system sucked for good weapons .

kylie746855d ago

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Banthis55d ago

Comparing Odyssey with astrobot...

Sonic-and-Crash55d ago bad .... Astrobot is probably head and shoulders above Mario Odyssey ;)

iplay1up255d ago

I haven't played the new Astobot, but the VR PS4 game is fantastic. Although not as large, as Odyssey, it certainly was an amazing experience. Looking forward to Astrobot when I find a PS5 at MSRP.

WeAreLegion55d ago

Good point. Astrobot was significantly more creative.

Visceral8955d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Yeah, Astrobot is a free game for PS5 owners, meanwhile Odyssey was $60 at launch and still is usually priced high

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AnnaDea55d ago

Two of the most mediocre entries of the series.

Botw and Odyssey are more or less the most overhyped games of this/previous generation. I feel sorry for Nintendo Fanboys.

Zhipp55d ago

What would you say are the best Zelda and Mario titles then?

Master-Tonberry55d ago

BOTW is a mediocre Zelda game but an absolutely incredible game in its own right. Mario Odyssey is a near flawless 3D platformer with only Galaxy 1/2 as
real competition.
And before anyone accuses me of being a Nintendo fanboy, I'm not, i'm a PlayStation fanboy if anything. My switch has been unplugged and discharged for months.

RosweeSon55d ago

Don’t be they got some of the best games going 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣 everyone’s entitled to an opinion doesn’t make them right but to suggest they bad games it just ridiculous. They didn’t fluke a 97 on Metacritic (all those scores can’t be wrong, it’s an average after all) they did it with years of experience and making timeless classic games hence their games
Generally take Up a solid 3rd of all top 100 games list of all time. Yeah terrible games. Don’t feel sorry for Nintendo fans I’m sure they feel sorry enough for You. Some people don’t like Nintendo, get over it I have years ago 😑🤣 if they can’t see the quality in majority of their games I feel for them and yourself. Some of the best games ever made and still making them. Mario Kart 8 is ridiculously good and thankfully the sales show it 🤷🏻‍♂️ I always got time for Fantastic games.

AnnaDea55d ago

"What would you say are the best Zelda and Mario titles then?"

A Link to the Past and Super Mario World (Or maybe Super Mario Bros 3).

"BOTW is a mediocre Zelda game but an absolutely incredible game in its own right. Mario Odyssey is a near flawless 3D platformer with only Galaxy 1/2 as real competition."

I disagree. Botw having an extreme empty and boring world which you have nothing to do in. Even Ubisoft makes more interesting and fun open world games.

Odyssey has extreme design flaws with getting a moon every 3rd step. Mario Galaxy just runs around that game, lol.

"Don’t be they got some of the best games going 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣 everyone’s entitled to an opinion doesn’t make them right but to suggest they bad games it just ridiculous. They didn’t fluke a 97 on Metacritic (all those scores can’t be wrong, it’s an average after all) they did it with years of experience and making timeless classic games hence their games"

Metacritic means shit. That like saying GTA IV is one of the best games ever, lmao.

"Generally take Up a solid 3rd of all top 100 games list of all time. Yeah terrible games. Don’t feel sorry for Nintendo fans I’m sure they feel sorry enough for You."

I'm talking about those 2 games specifically and not Nintendo in overall. Not that I expect a real Nintendo fanboy to even try to see that.

"if they can’t see the quality in majority of their games I feel for them and yourself. Some of the best games ever made and still making them. Mario Kart 8 is ridiculously good and thankfully the sales show it 🤷🏻‍♂️ I always got time for Fantastic games."

I know Nintendo fanboys are total delusional and thinks that every game is the best ever if it's from Nintendo, but sorry, no. By your logic GTA V must be the best game ever with over 140 million copies sold, OH THE LOGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iplay1up255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I lenjoy Nintendo games. Okay, not all of them, but allot of them. I bought Pokemon Snap, having trouble getting into it. Odyssey is a great game though. I also like 3D All Stars. Sunshine looks really good in HD. BOTW, is a good game, but I agree with some of what you said.

UbiSoft's game Fenix rising takes BOTW and runs with it. They improved vastly on what BOTW did do right. Even though I didn't love BOTW, it did have a unique feeling, compared to other open world games.

Neonridr55d ago

are you kidding me? Odyssey was amazing.

stupidusername55d ago

No need to be so salty over people liking something different than you. I feel sorry for you.

VariantAEC52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

To be real with you, in the past 25 years (and I can't even believe it's been that long) the only Mario games that jump out at me are Super Mario World on SNES (or the "enhanced" GBA version) and Super Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 (just the N64 version). I mean Super Mario Galaxy was neat, but I honestly can't recall a single really amazing thing about that game aside that it looked really clean for not being in HD on the Wii. I played that game through to completion and can't remember anything about it and of course it would be one of the more recent games I've beaten (you know had I not repurchased and beaten SMW on the N3DSXL before the Nintendo murdered the e-Shop). Even so my memories of OG SM64 are better than SMG and that's pretty unbelievable and telling of how far the quality of Mario games have fallen. It's why I really don't care to buy a Switch.

PlayStation knows that the pretty graphics of Horizon and TLoU, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, etc only go so far what really carries those franchises is the lore coupled with the impact of those pretty graphics and interactivity and overall polish. And for games like Gran Turismo what carries them is their ability to simulate the driving experience.

Nintendo doesn't have stories (and they don't simulate anything) and rarely have pretty graphics even... with their games getting lazier and lazier I'm just seeing less and less reasons to buy. But it's fine for Nintendo because their fanbase is still somehow growing. That is really actually more sad than fine in fact it might be downright detrimental especially if Nintendo fanboys become the norm but so far it seems that PlayStation's player base is growing faster than Xbox's and Nintendo's.

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CaptainHenry91655d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Hmm I would buy a new Nintendo switch pro just to play Luigi Mansion again and the upcoming Metroid and BoTW2

MaxiPower9055d ago

Yea ima pasa too my switch has gathered dust after oddessy. I didnt even like that zelda. Waiting for metroid tho

darthv7255d ago

I dont have a switch of my own, i play my kids but id buy a pro in a heartbeat.

Neonridr55d ago

lol, maybe you shouldn't buy Nintendo consoles since clearly their vast library of games don't appeal to you. I have a backlog so far back I don't know if I will ever catch up. Especially since I have some PS4/PS5 games to beat too.

CBaoth55d ago

I don't know about vast. I agree with you about Mario, excellent game, and right above 2016's Ratchet as the best platformer of the last decade (never owned PSVR so no Astro). Not as high on Zelda as most but I'd give an 8. The problem is their 1st party output the last 2 gens. It was no secret Ninty brass had a hard time transitioning to the HD era with the WiiU. Due to anemic sales with the hardware, either no one noticed or they attributed the lack of software due to the poor performance of the unit itself. Now we're on year 4 with probably their most successful device since the 2DS and outside of porting the entire catalog of WiiU games over to the system, they've barely released anything worthwhile since those 2 launch AAA games. Pokemon and Animal Crossing - that's it for AAA releases. Go ahead and list them. We'll discuss them in detail. Look at the lifetime top 10 numbers:

Seriously, tell me you're okay with that list. Half are WiiU ports. They couldn't even bother with a new Smash or Kart this gen. I know you're a much bigger Nintendo fan than I am and THIS doesn't concern you in the slightest? For an alleged new console Nintendo sure treat it like an 8th gen handheld. Where's Fatal Frame, Bayonetta 3, Metroid 4, and Pikmin4? All risky IPs that should see a release when a platform performs especially well. P4 was rumored by Miyamoto-san himself to be completed, sitting on a shelf like BotW did. But not with Nintendo, let's play it safe and release less content and rely on remasters with artificial scarcity to fleece our loyal fans. Amiibos. They're still doing it lol. Thank god Labo was a flop. It may not seem like it - I want Nintendo to be better and not treat every loyal fan like a piggy bank.

Neonridr53d ago

@CBaoth - while I agree they have resorted to porting all the popular Wii U titles, unless you actually had one (which there aren't many of us), the point is moot. Most of the Wii U titles ported are still very much worth playing. Naturally we want new games to play, so I hear the gripes there. The good news is there really isn't much left to port over, so moving forward we should finally be seeing nothing but new titles at the very least.

CosmicTurtle55d ago

They are both decent titles. Regardless of where they fall in regards to the other entries in their respective series. They were the critical high points of the Switch’s existence, there have been some passable titles released but it has been slightly underwhelming since then from Nintendo.

DefaultComment55d ago

Dude, like for are a sucker. Based on what you are telling me is that you probably bought your switch at launch and you just played 2 games and that's it.
That console is 4 yeas old and has a ton variaety of games available, the reason for you to complain is totally unjustified. Your Switch is gathering dust because you wanted to so that's on you.

Shiken55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

"3 worthy game per gen"

Must suck thinking everything needs to revolve around you. Switch is breaking software sales records left and right, and it goes beyond "3 games". Hell I myself have all three consoles, and it is my PS4 Pro that has collected dust since 2017. It only has 2 games a year that I feel the need to play. But that is me, my Switch has seen the most action out of all three platforms for me. Not everyone feels the same as me nor do they need to. Based on sales, a lot of people do, but that does not mean the taste of others is lame either.

Different gamers have different tastes. Just because yours doesn't line up with what Nintendo brings doesn't mean they "follow the same lame strategy of releasing 3 worthy games a gen".

Master of Unlocking55d ago

I don't know what kind of gamer you are... my PS4 Pro doesn't get any rest with me, and I'm at a loss at how I'm gonna be able to afford the dozens of PS4 games I have on my wish list on amazon.

The problem with Nintendo is the same it has always been for over 20 years (starting after the Super Nintendo era): only a handful of, admittedly great 1st party games, always the same ones, Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Smash Bros...and past that, almost no 3rd party support at all. PS & Xbox owners keep getting a myriad of great games from 3rd party publishers, while Nintendo fans can't do anything but just watch with envy.

Shiken54d ago

I am the type of gamer that enjoys great games regardless of platform, and who acknowledges the fact that different people like different games. The Switch has had a ton of great games, just look at their sales for exclusives despite not getting price drops and they speak for themselves. Your own taste does not consider if a game is noteworthy overall, mass appeal does.

It is fine that your PS4 gets little rest, for me my Switch is in constant use. My PS4 Pro will see Forbidden West next and my Series X will be used for multiplats. As for the bulk of my time however, due to hybrid functionality and great exclusives, my Switch gets most of my time and a Switch Pro will be next on my list.

I will get a PS5 when God of War likely drops holiday next year. As of now, I have no reason to buy one.

BrainSyphoned55d ago

Fire Emblem and Shper Mario World are all I have played. Third house right now playthrough going on currently.

As far as Astrobot vs Mario Odyssey, I own them both and have only played Astrobot.

Yui_Suzumiya55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Funny because I don't have any Nintendo exclusives.. I bought my Switch for stuff like BioShock, Doom, Wolfenstein, Resident Evil, Bayonetta, Bulletstorm, Catherine, The Outer Worlds, Metro, Gal*Gun and Root Film. I have a PS3 and PS4 as well but I love playing those games on the small screen as well. I'll jump at the opportunity for a Pro Lite model in a heart beat!

Agent7555d ago

Wasn’t Mario Odyssey a canned Wii U game? I wonder how many of Nintendo’s games got canned on the Wii U to then be released on the Switch? Take away Wii U ports like Mario Kart 8 and BoTW, it’s borderline releases. I bet even Yoshi on the Switch was a canned Wii U game. But the Switch will keep selling no matter what’s released.

bouzebbal55d ago

What? Odyssey is the most boring Mario game in history.. You are just there exploring levels looking for moons.. Some levels are creative but others are super boring.
I personaly didn't think it was fun, and the bosses are repetitive it's the exact same fights throughout the entire game even the final boss.

Switch is biggest joke in history

MetroidFREAK2155d ago

I mean I get they are all your opinions, but like what?

BigTrain30d ago

and finally somebody gets it!!! These are the same feelings that WiiU owners had before you, and Wii owners before them, and Gamecube owners before them, and Nintendo 64 owners before them, and........Well, I'm sure you get the point. I've been saying this for years. Nintendo is the only gaming company that will bring out an entirely new (underpowered/gimmicky) console to support a new game. They'll follow up with about 2 to 3 more if you're lucky and this is during the entirety of the consoles lifespan. Then it's on to the new console to do the same. I was done at the WiiU.

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DeusFever55d ago

I’m skeptical that such an expensive screen would be in a $300 device.

jznrpg55d ago

Panels have lessened in price but a lot . I don’t care about the screen so much as what is the power difference and will new games work on old devices . Will it be enough power ? What’s the battery life like my og switch

Cuzizkool55d ago

Rumors are suggesting a $350 or $400 price for the new model.

cell98955d ago

That's insane for such outdated tech lol

curtain_swoosh55d ago

thats alot. considering a presumably stronger console is just 100 quid more.

Cuzizkool55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Well I’m hoping the OLED isn’t the only upgrade for that price. Personally, I only play my Switch docked. So the new screen would be wasted on me. I’m hoping for the (again, rumored) new Nvidia chip that will be capable of DLSS so I can play current Switch games in 4K and/or 60 fps while docked. From what I understand, that’s the only way a portable SoC could output 4K games while not being insanely expensive or power hungry.

Old McGroin55d ago

@ cell989

I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say a new model will have newer tech.

NotoriousWhiz55d ago

Consoles will always be stronger than handhelds / hybrids, just as desktops are always stronger than laptops.

Visceral8955d ago

Expect 1440p at 30fps for BOTW 2 at best on the Nintendo Switch Advanced. ( My name guess for it)

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Neonridr55d ago

prices are down for OLED. The Vita was able to do that with a 540p screen.

ABizzel155d ago

OLEs are in numerous mobile devices, the display is only expensive when dealing with TV-sized panels.

Bobertt55d ago

That isn't a very expensive screen if it's 720p only but i don't think it will be $300 as it's being marketed as a 4k version of the current switch and not a successor or Switch 2. If it was supposed to replace the current Switch then i think they would aim to keep the price low since that is one of the main reasons switch sold so many units but it's more like the PS4 Pro.

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VersusDMC55d ago

This is going to be a one x or PS Pro type upgrade to the switch at best. It won't even be able to have perfect ports of PS4/Xone games.

And if it is a massive upgrade that has games that take advantage of the're going to HAVE to buy it because the original Switch won't be able to play the new games. Like Xenoblade Chronicles on New 3DS.

So which one of those are Nintendo fans actually hyped for?

Zhipp55d ago

Too many games on Switch run at 720p. I just want a switch pro that will at least hit 1080p for every single title while maintaining a solid frame rate.

Graey55d ago

I have a switch. I have several games but I just can't get into any of them. I'm waiting for Rune Factory 5. I have zelda and I've tried to get into it. I'll keep trying. Have Pokemon Shield but could only play so much of that. I've gotten to the point that not many games are of interest to me. At this rate I might not pick up a PS5 and just wait a while on it. This way any games will be really cheap as well. In the mean time I'm looking for additional hobbies to take up that time.

Fntastic55d ago

@Graey games don't hold your attention much probably because most are rehashes of stuff already around. Late 1990's shooters/fps and platform games and the early 2000's were the best, most newer games are basically rehashes of games from then. So you'd get bored of them easily

ABizzel155d ago (Edited 55d ago )

You're better off with a laptop if you want portability and performance because emulation is only way you'll get higher resolution Nintendo games with solid / locked frame-rates if this turns out to be just another remodel.

There are rumors pointing at this being a successor, and based on who the leak is coming from, I'm more inclined to believe this is a direct successor to the Switch aka Switch 2 more than it's a new model. Also, 2022 will be 5 years since the Siwtch launched putting on Nintendo's 5-year cycle.

Key rumors point it towards being based on Tegra Orin and Ada Lovelace which would make the Switch 2 a powerful little handheld easily around 8x the performance of the current model, that's around the original XBO performance-wise in handheld mode, and technically around PS4 performance when docked but capable of offering below PS4 Pro performance when docked due to DLSS support meaning it can have higher perceived resolution quality, but performance will be lower in like for like games natively.

There's two issues with that though, price and the automotive industry uses the same chip for cars, which is undergoing an awful shortage, meaning Switch 2 shortages will be out the gate. And also it's going to be expensive, like potentially $400.

The other option is Tegra Xaiver which would offer around 3x - 4x more performance since it has 2x the cores, and can run at a much higher clock thanks to being on 12nm instead of 20nm and 16nm like the current Switch. It wouldn't have DLSS with this, but it would be cheaper and still do 720p - 1080p gaming, on top of being significantly easier to get Backwards compatibility running for all old Switch games, and easier to hit that $299 price point.

Either way, if it's a successor it's going to get a much-needed hardware upgrade to take what's already there but enhance it with Xaiver, or make it really a standout piece of mobile hardware if based on Orin and Ada Lovelace and realistically the lead performer for mobile gaming (as far as phones / tablets / etc... that have SOC GPUs).

Cuzizkool55d ago


Is Xavier not capable of DLSS? I don’t know much when it comes to tech specs. Since Nintendo typically doesn’t do cutting edge tech anymore, I was thinking that this September/October would be an Xavier based Switch Pro, and then holiday 2023 being an Orin based Switch successor. But I really think Nintendo wants to slap a 4K sticker on these new Pro models (via DLSS) for marketing purposes. Is there no way Xavier can output 4K then? Also from what I’ve heard, this Pro model will be $350 or $400. (For reference I get all my rumor info from Spawnwave and RGT85)

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Neonridr55d ago

a portable that could rival a PS4 Pro? sign me up. That would be best case I think.

ABizzel155d ago

I think he meant Pro as is the Switch Pro would be to the base Switch as the PS4 Pro was to the PS4, and the Xbox One X was to the original Xbox One. Not a handheld with PS4 Pro performance, because that's not happening without a dedicated GPU which cannot run on a mobile battery used for phones and small tablets for sustainable gaming.

RaidenBlack55d ago

It'll hardly surpass base xbox one when in portable mode, forget PS4 Pro

Neonridr53d ago

@ABizzel1 - yeah I can see how I misread that. Still if it could be somewhere between a PS4 and a Pro in terms of power that would be considerable. Not sure if whatever Tegra based chipsets are available can do such a thing though.


Don't care about leaks just give me a concrete confirmation. Then I wll pre-order ASAP 😁And trade in my old Switch.

JayRyu55d ago

I've been holding off getting a switch because I knew this was coming. I'll purchase the pro as soon as it drops.