Atomic Heart Dev Claims "The Game Is Ready," Getting E3 Trailer Soon

It sounds like Atomic Heart is nearing the finish line, with a trailer planned to air during E3 2021.

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Relientk77141d ago

Good, it looks like a pretty cool shooter.

Nacho_Z140d ago

I'm glad they pulled through after having a difficult time in development, so I heard anyway. Looks like a new Bioshock to me, in the sense that it's got a very unique identity.

NealGamby140d ago

Been following this games development for what seems like 10 years. I can't wait.

seanpitt23140d ago

This looks like an innovation in game design and gameplay looking forward to this one.. I can’t say that about farcry 6 copy and paste just a bit more pretty

140d ago
Aussiesummer140d ago

What's the innovation in gameplay?

Aussiesummer140d ago

Other than the unique bizzare aesthetic it looks pretty average. The game play demo's they've shown so far were rather boring.

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