The expectations and hopes of Microsoft at E3 2021

Alex writes: "After a mixed start to the year for Microsoft, there’s plenty over the course of the next two years for gamers to be excited about for the company. E3 is here very soon with Microsoft confirmed to be taking part."

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moriarty188961d ago

Halo 5 better be an improvement bigtime over what was shown last year. With all the studios they now have there are zero excuses not to deliver solid new games.

Orchard61d ago

Halo 5 came out back in 2015, they are no longer updating it :P

moriarty188961d ago

sorry, my bad......Halo Infinite.

Deathdeliverer61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Let’s see.
Hoping- Elderscrolls gameplay, Starfield GAMEPLAY so I can FINALLY understand the hype, Forza Horizon, Avowed gameplay, Halo being put back on course, A new IP. Not a lot of talking, but a lot of dates and games doing the talking.

Expecting- Halo, state of decay, and gameplay of that ninja theory game I can’t remember. Also a gears of war teaser, a LOT of talking and showing slides of how much gamepass gives you and how many titles buying Bethesda got them, Starfield gameplay, Elderscrolls Gameplay, and a lot of teasers for games that we won’t see next year. It’ll all say next year though. Bethesda games are notoriously delayed. Hopefully Microsoft support can help get things out the door.

Zhipp61d ago

No chance is avowed getting gameplay. Gears would be a waste cause at this point the best they could do is a cgi trailer or just a logo. I do expect to see everwild, starfield, and potentially fable, though.

Also the gameplay reveal for elden ring. It's about time.

Deathdeliverer61d ago

I forgot about Elden Ring. I’ve kinda put my focus on exclusive games OR fully current gen because they really show the power of the consoles we dropped $500 on. It’s not that it’s going to be a bad game, but Elden Ring is coming on everything that plays video games. Definitely agree that it’s about time though. If it’s good I’ll have it.

TheHan61d ago

It’s gonna be a badass E3 from Xbox this year.

glenn197961d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Im excited for MS, there making the right move so far, the Paystation is killing it ,Ms need to deliver this E3 and I think they will ,they better have some freaking improvement on HALO graphics but the gameplay is always spot on in Halo, but after seeing Horizon on PS5 I was impress