Capcom Reveals New Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Merchandise

Capcom announced new Resident Evil Infinite Darkness merchandise, including a collaboration with herbal liqueur brand Cocalero.

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Knightofelemia660d ago

I could careless about the hats and little dinky key chain bags I want the booze its the best looking thing out of the group I would want just 3 bottles. 1 to drink and 2 to display I wish I could have gotten my hands on the Assassin's Creed booze and had that in a collection.

KingofBandits654d ago

Sadly there does not seem to be a way to import this from what I've seen/been told. Japan has an export limitation on alcohol based on its proof looks to limited by law to not exceed 25% (which this is 29%) You can buy this locally in the USA but naturally without the Bio Hazard style label.

Highrevz660d ago

Still waiting on a release date according to the Netflix listing.

CobraKai660d ago

Merchandise? Oh. They mean “merch”. Ok, now I get it.