PS5 buyers left empty-handed and angry due to Amazon bug

A PS5 restock Amazon bug accidentally let users pick up PS5 Digital Editions that didn't exist, with PlayStation 5 buyers left angered that the console wasn't actually in stock.

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waverider61d ago

Damn a 20 minutes mistake and gamers went from hype to anger. What can Sony do to make more PS5? thats the main question. But they already told this will go on even on 2022....

Applejack61d ago

Sony doesn’t have any control of the chip shortages going on right now.

Brutus8361d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Microsoft should be good sports and give their chip allocation to Sony. Let em do the ol' Shake n Bake, Talladega Nights style

kayoss61d ago

I laughed harder than i should have at this comment. Thanks!

KillBill60d ago

But wait... Sony said they are reworking the PS5 so it will help with production. If they have no control of chip shortage then how are they improving production with their new PS5 model when that is the main source of production shortage?

Silly Mammo60d ago

Sony's PS5 is more like The Magic Man "Now you see me, Now You Don't!"

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SpineSaw61d ago

What happened with this "hype event" had nothing to do with Sony it's all a Amazon issue.... I think Sony and even Microsoft or any Tech company is doing all than can with the issues that stem from the Covid problems and IMO I think these issues will go on for at least another year and most likely longer though there will be an ebb an flow within the continuing Covid issues. While right now things seem to be getting better in the Tech world to produce things that's not going to show for Sony for a long time as the demand is crazy for what they offer and to add to the issues is the scalping problem and that will go on as long as the demand is high. I think Sony should should and Microsoft as well work with brick and mortar retailers and limit 2 consoles a person and have no retail online sales until the production problems are over. This would in no way be a problem solver but it would help with the scalping issues at least gamers would get most of what they have on hand and not have to pay $1000usd and their off hand and 3 toes to purchase one.

sourOG61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

They do regional shit too. I finally got a series x in my cart and it said it wouldn’t deliver to my address. Retailers need a new plan because as of now they are just a joke.

Darkborn61d ago

Hopefully with the country like officially reopening they will have some units in stores. I want to walk into a store soon and see ps5s and series x/s just sitting there.

sourOG61d ago

Hopefully. I heard the chip shortages are probably going to leak into 2022. It’s probably going to be shitty for a bit longer.

FreeFallFrenzy61d ago

Not sure what country you live in but I just walked into a Fred Meyer (Kroger) and nabbed a disc version for my buddy last week. Was totally surprised they had em in stock!

Bigman4k61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Idk about that probably be awhile before you can go into a store and get a XSX & PS5

SpineSaw61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

IMO.....A country reopening and I assume you mean the USA though a country reopening has nothing to do with gaming console showing up at stores. There's a better chance of this Global Pandemic to close down the USA again even in the Red States than anyone walking into a store and seeing a stack PS5 consoles before Holiday 2022 and maybe beyond.

Darkborn61d ago

@spine I live in a red state, Florida and we've been basically mask less for 8 months or so. Still doing better than I think every blue state lmao

Sayai jin60d ago

Unfortunately, it will probably be well into 2022 before PS5 and Series S/X are readily sitting on store shelves.

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jjb198161d ago

Out of curiosity, was it Target?

sourOG61d ago

Amazon and Best Buy. I can’t even get the add to cart on target.

The closest Best Buy would ship is the next state for store pickup. I don’t want it that bad lol. But it’s better than Amazon that wouldn’t ship anywhere around me state or not.

ZeekQuattro61d ago

Best Buy loves to do that. I'll get an alert that systems are available and when I log in they aren't available within 50 miles of me and cant be shipped. I'm not trying to globe trot to get a console. One that will most likely magically disappear by the time I get there. Lol

DFresh61d ago

Feels like it’s impossible to get these new systems.
This generation of gaming really is getting off to a bad start.

SegaSaturn66961d ago (Edited 61d ago )

You definitely need a strategy. Get alerts on new drops and avoid websites. Enter all your payment/shipping info into the app so you can secure the purchase with as few taps as possible.

DarkZane61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yet the PS5 is selling at a much faster rate than the PS4. Hell, it's even the fastest selling console in history. Can you imagine if there wasn't a chip shortage and they could keep the supply flowing? They'd be breaking even bigger records.

DFresh61d ago

I think the numbers would be tripled.
8M (shortage)
24M (no shortage)

kneon60d ago

Even without Covid I doubt they could have hit 24m. It takes a while to ramp up production, and they wouldn't want to overdo it as initial demand is usually much higher than the ongoing demand.

Vithar61d ago

Bezos get your shit together

medman61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Like, seriously. But let's be honest....that guy doesn't know what the f is going on in the day to day operations...he's focused on global opportunities. This shhhh doesn't even register on his scale of importance for the day. The units come in, they sell, doesn't matter who they sell to, product gets moved. This would only ever become a problem for him if there is a boycott, and when you have an in demand product like the ps5, boycotts don't work.

medman61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yikes. Unacceptable. Amazon has been dropping the ball all over the place lately....8 nooses found in a construction site in does one of the most profitable corporations of all time not solve that issue quickly? Easy...they don't care enough. Same with the console shortage b.s.....if it doesn't impact their bottom line, they are slow af to respond. It's a problem.

Time for the people to make it a problem for them. That is the only way shhh ever changes.

kneon60d ago

You know Amazon don't run their construction projects right?

medman60d ago

They are paying the developer. When you pay, you can demand results. Stop making excuses, they are the tool of the weak minded.

kneon60d ago

It's not an excuse, just facts. Problems with Amazon orders are all on them, problems with a third party constructing a building for Amazon can't reasonably by pinned on Amazon.

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