Monster Hunter Rise has shipped over 7 million copies worldwide

Monster Hunter Rise has now shipped over 7 million copies worldwide.

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GameBoyColor66d ago

Crazy numbers! The mh franchise is just a beast in capcom's lineup.

Sonic-and-Crash66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

tbh i didnt want to sell well ...Rise was far aesthetically from the series basic realistic design (MHWorld)....
Rise was more like a NIoh Game rather than MH with its spiritual -Japanese folklore based Monster design

i dont know if Capcom now see the sales and dont return back to its old more traditionall MHunter s

ZeekQuattro65d ago

To think people were debating on here and elsewhere why Capcom would put another MH game on Nintendo hardware after the success of World. Here's your answer. Lol

Vits65d ago

I never understood that argument. As Generations Ultimate was already a big success on the console with 4M units shipped and it likely costed a fraction of MHW to produce.

What I felt made sense to discuss was if Capcom would make the next Switch title something more akin to MHW or if they would keep the Generations style.

CrimsonWing6965d ago

World was the first Monster Hunter game I could get into and it finally clicked on how freaking awesome the game is. I played it for 3 months straight until the RNG broke me for the gold dragon trying to get rare drops and finding the crown monsters. It just got to be too much doing a 20-30 minute battle and not getting what you needed over and over again.