Horizon Forbidden West's glider and grappling hook show it learned from BOTW

Horizon Forbidden West has more than a few similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is great considering how the first wasn't able to have such inspirations.

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phoenixwing57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I didn't realize nintendo owns the idea of gliding. All the games with gliding mechanics before botw must be my imagination. Grappling hooks in arcade games and knuckles being able to glide are just fairy tales I guess.

Zodiac57d ago

Nothing is inspired by, or inspires anything with that logic

Teflon0256d ago

Problem is Ratchet and Clank been doing the exact same thing before BotW it's not something new. People just love to credit what's popular. It's like how when Sonic Transformed was announced like a month or so after MK7 showed it's water glider and ground gameplay. They showed a clearly near done game and said they copied MK7 when they said it was inspired by DKR and classics. Which makes it funny. Same with MK8 literally pulling Crash Nitro Karts mid race Anti Gravity section style where the cars transform the same way and everything. But no one will mention it was clearly done by Crash Nitro kart first and if you did everyone's mad. So that's the point.

Sonic-and-Crash56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Rachet and Clank (and others) did the exact same concept of guliding before BoTW ......

Zelda just made it popular among the non gaming people that play a Nintento game once in a year and think they r gaming

Babadook756d ago

Was there a grappling hook in botw?

VariantAEC53d ago

The gliding and grappling in R&C is much less like that which is in Hcorizon Forbidden West than in Just Cause. Mind you that franchise also predates The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, but no Nintendo fanboy journalist will ever admit that to themselves.

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Relientk7756d ago

Pretty sure I glided all the time playing Spyro the Dragon on PlayStation. Also playing as Knuckles in Sonic & Knuckles on Sega Genesis. So yeah, gliding has been a thing in gaming for a long time.

-Foxtrot56d ago


Seriously Breath of the Wild is overrated as hell and these kind of articles with this kind of thinking proves it.

How can people sit there and make out BotW introduced all these mechanics which have been around for years

Gliding has been in so many games, hell I’m pretty sure it was in Wind Waker so why does BotW get referenced Zelda wise?

Like I said in another article if you’re talking about gliding

Psychonughts...the ball/bubble

Rayman...his Helicopter ability

Tails in every Sonic game

Kingdom Hearts...glide ability

inFAMOUS...Coles Static Thrusters

56d ago
roadkillers56d ago

They both have similar themes BotW and Horizon.


While I agree BOTW didn’t invent gliding, it is hardly over rated. It’s an amazing game that perfected many elements that other open world games still struggle to do correctly years later.

Neonridr56d ago

@OMNI - save your breath, Fox loves nothing more than a chance to talk down BOTW. He was upset that it won GOTY over Horizon.

-Foxtrot56d ago


Oh look the typical Nintendo white knight defending BotW

Got your work cut out for you on this article since most are saying the exact same thing...

Imalwaysright56d ago

Stop pretending that BoTW doesn't get your panties in a twist. You were talking about crap about the game before it even released and since then you've been talking shit about the game at every chance you get. As for this article it is very likely that GG were indeed inspired by BoTW just like Uncharted was inspired by Gears despite Gears not being the 1st game to have over the shoulder view and a cover mechanic, something that you denied and both of us argued over it until Naughty Dog themselves set the record straight and confirmed Gears of War as being one of their major inspirations. Just like ND were inspired by a game that didn't invent a particular mechanic, it's very possible that GG saw the glider in BoTW and how it improved traversal in another open world game and wanted to emulate it.

-Foxtrot56d ago


Then stop pretending that people who say they don't think it's 10/10 amazing doesn't get your panties in a bunch. See how it can go both ways?

"You were talking about crap about the game before it even released"

I said it looked dead in the world, people like yourself said Nintendo were not showing us everything so they wouldn't "spoil things". The game came out and most things I said, judging from the trailers came to pass, you guys then moved from "Nintendo didn't want to spoil it" to "there's nothing wrong, it's perfect". Moving the goal posts when that's not the excuse you used originally.

"then you've been talking shit about the game at every chance you get"

You mean like the majority of people in this article and others? Gee must just be me, anyway I've only ever said its overrated, I've never said it was shit. It's a solid 7/10 game, nothing more or less. That's the issue though with you guys, it's either 10/10 or you're a "hater".

"over it until Naughty Dog themselves set the record straight and confirmed Gears of War as being one of their major inspirations"

Dude what the f*** has that got to do about an article on Horizon and Breath of the Wild? You're trying to go off topic to make some "point" to pad your comment out. Want me to go on about how sensitive you get when people clearly state how the new Tomb Raider games, the ones with cinematic set pieces, over the top action, Rambo Lara Croft and the like are NOTHING like the old PS1 Tomb Raider games but to you they are EXACTLY the same? No I won't because there's a time and a place.

Imalwaysright56d ago

You literally confirmed exactly what I said about how you go about this game but sure make this about me for all I care and bullshit. You've said many things over the years including your disgusting comment about the developers that were praising the game were being dishonest so yes some users have actual gripes with the game but you seem to have a personal vendetta that goes well beyond the game itself and that is extremely apparent since before BoTW was even released.

"has that got to do about an article on Horizon and Breath of the Wild"

The possibility that devs are inspired by mechanics in other games even if they didn't introduced those mechanics. You've already been proven wrong in a similar situation so don't be surprised if your jumping to conclusions takes you in the same path once again.

Tomb Raider? The games that you once said were puzzle games? Sorry, everything you say about that IP is completely void considering your complete and utter ignorance about it so sure let's pretend that TR games were puzzzzzzzle games.

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darthv7256d ago

Batman did both better than BotW

Zhipp56d ago

The gliding in Batman was awesome as hell, but it felt nothing like BOTWs gliding. They are two completely different games that took a similar concept and applied it to best fit their design goals. BOTWs gliding was much more restrictive on its application -- presumably to force the player to have to think about how to reach their destination in its best open world. Batman, on the other hand, is a lot more action focused. With the grappling hook + glider combo, you could practically fly.

neutralgamer199256d ago

Don't you know it's Nintendo who innovates and others follow. Seriously I am tired of all this nonsense because every game copies something from another this is how it works

BOTW wasn't the first to use gliding and this right here is a fact

56d ago
King_Noctis56d ago

Nintendo does not own that idea. However, they are the one who brought it into the limelight.

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Zeref55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

They obviously took inspiration from BOTW because it worked so well in it. There's nothing wrong with games taking good ideas from other games if it makes them better games. You really think they looked at a sonic game from decades ago for this? lol


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Abriael57d ago

LOL the clickbait. Imagine believing Zelda invented gliding and grappling hooks in open world video games.

whitbyfox56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Imagine being so young you don’t remember it and then abbreviating laugh out loud like a teeny bopper.

FallenAngel198457d ago

People really wanna credit anything open world to BotW nowadays

badz14956d ago

next, they will be saying every new game takes inspiration from BoTW's story too.

Relientk7756d ago

This is exactly what I don't like about Breath of the Wild, the overratedness, people who think it created all these mechanics and think it's so original. It's literally Zelda and a open world game mixed. That's all it is. It's still a good game though.

Also BOTW stole the Ubisoft towers.

porkChop56d ago

The towers in BOTW don't work anything like the ones in Ubisoft games though. Like, yes, there are towers. You could liken that to Ubisoft if you want to, but the function is entirely different. So you can't really say they were stolen, that's a bit much. That would be like saying the ray gun in COD is stolen from the M1911 in Medal of Honor because they're both guns.

RazzerRedux53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

How can you say they "don't work anything like the ones in Ubisoft games"? The towers in BOTW unlock portions of the map and serve as fast travel points exactly like they do in Ubisoft games. I don't have a problem with its use in BOTW or any other game, but their function is clearly taken from Ubisoft.

porkChop53d ago

In Ubisoft games climbing a tower automatically marks every point of interest on the map. It actively makes exploration unnecessary.

In Breath, climbing a tower only fills in the terrain on the map for that section. The viewpoint is usually set so you can only visually see 1 or 2 points of interest. You still have to actually go explore in order to find anything.

Towers in Breath are just a starting point, whereas in Ubi games they do all the work for you. That is a drastic difference in gameplay. To say it's "stolen" implies they are exactly the same.

RazzerRedux53d ago

Yes, there are differences, but clearly Nintendo expanded on the concepts Ubisoft established.

"To say it's "stolen" implies they are exactly the same."

Which is just as false as saying they are nothing alike. They simply are.

Thundercat7756d ago

I don't understand this argument... So you are telling me that gliding and grappling hook mechanics were created by BOTW? That's total nonsense. It is like wanting to credit BOTW because it looks so good on HFW.

How about all the games that used gliddibg and grappling hooks since the 90s way before BOTW???

This is very ridiculous 🤦.

56d ago
chronoforce56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

The author does not claim Nintendo created those mechanics only that Forbidden West took inspiration from BOTW. It is plausible GG took some notes as Zero Dawn is bereft of such mechanics and it released pretty close to BOTW.

I think what is more likely is the need for a glider became apparent during the development of Forbidden West probably as climbing became freer. In BOTW you can climb just about anything so the glider becomes pretty important.

Knushwood Butt56d ago


Roc'n Rope was the first "wire action" game. It became the basis for Capcom's 1987 game Bionic Commando, which Tokuro Fujiwara intended to be an expanded version of Roc'n Rope.[5]