April 2021 NPD: Returnal, MLB, and Pokémon maintain momentum for game sales

The April 2021 NPD video game report reveals that the industry was able to maintain much of the momentum gained during the early pandemic.

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Abnor_Mal65d ago

MLB is the second best selling game for Xbox for the month, but what are the sales numbers. I mean are the numbers high or low being that many would just choose to play their games on gamepass rather than buy.

DEEHULK8865d ago

How do you know what many would do consider ing that the data is stating otherwise. The people who wanted to buy it did and the people thst wanted to play on Gamepass did

Abnor_Mal65d ago

The data only shows that it was the second highest selling game of the month on the platform (console), but that could be a few thousands or as low as fifty copies.

I read many times people talk about how they can play many games without the need to spend a lot of money thanks to gamepass. I'm only wondering how many opted to buy the game now and how many chose gamepass. When the game leaves or is about to leave gamepass will there be people buying the game still or will this be the height of its sales. I also know that when people do buy a game from gamepass they get some sort of price reduction. Okay I don't know this from first hand experience but have read others saying as much. So that should hopefully entice who wants to keep playing after GP to then buy after it is removed.

Anyway it doesn't matter, as I'm sure Sony will have all those numbers to show how well the game is performing since going multiplatform.

DEEHULK8865d ago

I'm one of the people that bought the game, but could've played it on Gamepass. I got the special edition just like last year. You can get it for a 10 to 20 percent discount since it's
on Gamepass and thats with every game.I'm not sure how much they Sony actually makes since the game is published by MLB on Xbox and not Sony. I really don't know the split.

Abnor_Mal65d ago

I can respect that, and it's cool that you did buy the game instead of just trying out on gamepass until it leaves. I didn't know the discounts can be as high as twenty percent on games on the service, that sounds like a nice incentive for people to purchase, of course I mean those that love baseball enough.

I didn't disagree with your post btw.

SpineSaw65d ago

According to Microsoft on their Microsoft website MLB The Show 21 is the 9th most played game on Xbox Live and over on the rental service Game Pass MLB The Show 21 can't crack the top 15. This is a little funny to me seeing that Microsoft First Party Studios can't make a game for their new consoles or their rental service so they paid Sony to put their new game on the Xbox platform and a day and date release on the rental service that no one seems to want to play it seems the Xbox gamer would rather pay full price for it.

agnosticgamer64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

It’s been stated many times before that games appearing in GamePass especially 3rd party games... usually get a sales bump... not a decrease because the game is sold with a discount while in the GamePass cycle. Not too mention it’s not like all the Xbox gamers subscribe to GamePass and this is the first seriously good baseball game pretty much ever appearing on the platform so the high sales rank isn’t surprising.

Thundercat7765d ago

Wow Sony and Nintendo are killing it!
Very happy for Returnal's debut... Such an amazing game.

Cannot miss to notice that the platforms, Sony and Nintendo, with exclusive games are the ones doing better in the market.

ABizzel165d ago

The best-selling games over the last 12 months didn't surprise me to see who was there, but the order somewhat did. Seeing MLB on Xbox being 2nd best selling game this year on the platform is a lol moment. Go MLB.

ApocalypseShadow65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

It's because the console pillars understand that making exclusives sells consoles. Gives you reasons to want it. The point of making a console is to SELL it. And you sell it by MAKING games.

Gamers with common sense know multiplatform games only keep you on one console or the other. Most gamers aren't going to chase a minor difference in frame rate or a blade of grass.

And subscriptions without new games for a new console just hide the fact that the platform holder is either lazy, or purposely dangling carrots hoping for a monthly revenue check from a sub.

I'm glad Sony's actually selling games. Bodes well for their reinvestment back into PlayStation to make more games. As a gamer, we should want a company doing well by selling. It keeps the industry healthy.

DEEHULK8865d ago

Returnal's debut was just okay considering that we don't even know how much a 2 year old MK game sold. It wil be telling what the charts say next month because every other chart that Returnal had a debut on show that it dropped like a rock the next weeks. So it will be interesting

JEECE65d ago

I was disappointed as well, but keep in mind that Returnal was only out for one day in April (the biggest day it will have, in all likelihood, but still one day). I'll be interested to see where it is in May. I have no illusions that it is going to be the next major Sony blockbuster, but I'd like to see a slow burn success along the lines of Control. Fortunately I'm sure the budget was much lower than is typical for Sony AAA exclusives.

gravedigger65d ago

Returnal had 1 or 2 days of tracking on very limited install base. And PS5 LTD in US is around 2.5 mil. It did good.

Bnet34364d ago

MLB The Show 21 is so good. Love the simulation if you're a baseball fan like me!