GameZone: First-Person Action/Fighting with Zeno Clash: Interview and Exclusive Art Inside

GameZone writes: "Mirror's Edge has scored a ton of acclaim for creating an exhilarating and almost entirely unique game within the first-person genre. But it is not alone. Since the days of the Dreamcast (and likely before it), developers have tried to create new first-person games with inspiration from other genres. Mirror's Edge seemed to have accomplished this by looking at the success of chase scenes in movies, where the lead character is always on the run, and by exploring the possibility of what Tomb Raider/Prince of Persia might be like in the first person.

But where are the other success stories?

Zeno Clash hopes to be the next game that gets people talking. Combining elements of action and fighting games with a first-person view, Zeno Clash is a huge undertaking by any developer. ACE Team, an independent developer based in Santiago, Chile, believes it is ready to meet that challenge."

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