Storm Peaks daily quests reward a polar bear mount

WoW Insider writes:

"The other day, we talked about the Sons of Hodir and how to start gaining reputation with them. Rep gains are great and all, but there's actually another bonus you can start working on thanks to this quest chain: A Polar Bear mount! At one point during the Sons of Hodir chain, you're turned into one of the Hyldnir, the frost vrykul ladies that populate the Storm Peaks. While only a few of their quests are essential to moving the story ahead, they have other one-shot quests you have available if you so choose."

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Cheeseknight283602d ago

How is this news? If you play WoW (And I do) you probably know where to check to find the rare mounts, and if not, you can just ask your guild or look it up. It's not even rare either.

Cheeseknight283602d ago

How ironic, I actually just got one. =)