Conan Exiles hits Game Pass as the Isle Of Siptah expands the world

Neil writes: "It's been the best part of three years since Conan Exiles broke out of Early Access to launch in full on Xbox, but now we find Conan making the most of the power of Xbox Game Pass, whilst the Exile world expands through the Isle of Spitah."

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Highrevz191d ago

I didn’t even know this game existed until a few months ago. Performance is not as bad as other survival games but it’s not without its issues. Feels like 30FPS with some hard drops at times but quickly recover rather then lagging constantly in specific areas.

It’s pretty much like Ark with more focus on combat, there’s a light attack, heavy attack, kick and roll ability’s aswell as your standard weapons which seem to have more variety. Also big bouncing tits which caught me by surprise😂

Interloper189d ago

What system were you playing it on, btw?

Highrevz189d ago

Xbox series S|X

If I enjoy the game enough I might consider getting it for PC but it’s very much playable on console.