PlayStation CEO Discusses PC & Mobile Profitability, Digital vs Standard PS5 Ratios, China, & More

During the Questions & Answers session of his presentation at Sony’s Investor Relations Day, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan provided more insight.

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PS-Gamer-198667d ago

"The standard edition of PS5 still represents the majority of the console’s hardware sales. That proportion should not change greatly in this fiscal year (before April 2022) but as time passes and we move further into the cycle, there should be a slight increase of the share of the digital edition, but not significant."

That's what i want to hear. Physical games won't disappear any time soon

porkChop67d ago

I mean it was inevitable considering most stores only received 1 digital for every 5+ standard PS5s.

Sciurus_vulgaris67d ago

Most people I know don’t want a disc-less console.

PS-Gamer-198667d ago

I wouldn't want one either. Bought the disc edition because i want to be able to sell, swap and trade in my games.
I'm only willing to buy digital games when they are sub 10euros.

darthv7266d ago

Id want one just to have, but I can get it way later. When they are cheaper and more abundant on the 2nd hand market.

Just recently I found an original 20gb PS3 for cheap. Not sure how many were made but you certainly dont see those too often.

ProLogY66d ago

These consoles sell out the moment the appear in stock. So the share of sales is less to do with demand and more to do with supply. They made more standard models than all digital clearly.

Bathyj67d ago

"Sony wants to invest in the process of game development. We’ll certainly see increases in the amount of money spent making PlayStation Games at Playstation Studios. That is seen as part of the process of building something big and powerful."

And this is why they are best.
It's about the games first people.

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MetroidFREAK2167d ago

I'm glad that the standard edition is doing well. For PlayStation and Nintendo, I get physical releases... PS5 is killing it and I'm so very glad I managed to get one at launch

ocelot0766d ago

Tbh I have never ever seen a digital console instock. Only time I seen a order button for one was back in September when I was pre ordering my disc console. But I am glad more people still want disc consoles.

enkiduxiv66d ago

I am glad to see the standard version doing well, but I do think that the digital version is in short supply. I am pretty sure that the main reason it even exists at all is the undercut XBOX on pricing. You can a PS5 for a hundred dollars cheaper if you go all digital and its the same next gen console sans disc drive. I am betting that Sony is losing quite a bit of money right now on those 400 dollar versions.

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