Uncharted 4 For PC Possibly Confirmed By Official Sony Documents

Uncharted 4 For PC has been spotted in some official Sony docs on their official website. All we need now is a release date.

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Fntastic115d ago

Dang this would look super sweet maxed out at 90+fps at 1440p, super smooth and top graphics.

Pretty big bombshell.

Atticus_finch115d ago

It's going to sell millions for the graphics alone.
I will definitely will be rebuying it on PC.

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Atticus_finch115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I also remember when PC players were downplaying Ps4 exclusives. Those same people can't wait to experience the greatness now and once they do they will have a hard time not getting a ps5 for NDs next game. Guaranteed!

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AzubuFrost114d ago


Literally no PC players were downplaying PS4 exclusives. Please prove me wrong though.

VariantAEC110d ago

But you know what it probably won't even sell well if it were released on PC. If the rumors are true and UC4 comes to PC and sells like crap. What incentive will PS devs have to release games Day-1?

NONE! Zero incentive.
Not that this was ever PS' plan to start with. It is also just so funny how we see PC (always Microsoft Windows guys) saying how awesome it would be if PS games came out for their computers while simultaneously slamming them as ugly, aimless, cinematic, walking simulators that they wouldn't ever touch... and yet here we are in just another thread filled with people drooling over the possibility of yet another one of those games coming out to their computers... which they will likely ignore as they promised while simultaneously BEGGING FOR IT!
PC "gamers" are the worst.

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CaptainHenry916114d ago

Even in 4K 60fps. I'll just rebuy it just for that

aquamala115d ago

Next time someone asks why Sony port their exclusives to PC, Sony just told you why

ROI 250%+
Create new fans for our IP
Target new geographies

Atticus_finch115d ago

There's little reason not to after 6 years. U4 is old news by now and suddenly everyone is talking about it.

115d ago
Atticus_finch115d ago

Wait so you're going to pretend this is a bad thing. Sony making millions on a 6 year old game. How sad!
When U4 came out Obama was still president. Factually old news!
Yea it burns so much. Oh well back to TLoU2 on Ps5 😘

Vegamyster115d ago

Days Gone & Horizon aren't that old though and Sony has made it clear more is comming, Naughty Dog were hiring people with experience in porting games last year so i'd expect others from their catalogue to come as well. It wasn't too long ago when you'd be scoffed for suggesting Sony would put any games on PC, no need to get defensive lol.

Tedakin115d ago

Jim Ryan wasn't the leader of PS back then. He clearly has a different agenda. I expect more Sony exclusives to make their way to PC a faster and faster in the future.

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itsmebryan114d ago

You are being way too fancy.
They are doing it for money. It's that simple.

Knightofelemia115d ago

Why not bring over the trilogy to go along with Uncharted 4? I wonder if Sony will also port The Lost Legacy as well with Uncharted 4.

Vits115d ago

A bit odd to be honest. I wonder if it's going to be a Gears of War 4 case, that didn't sold as well as other Microsoft titles and that was blamed on the lack of the previous games on the platform (PC only have the First Gears).

ZwVw114d ago

Gears (outside of Tactics) has never sold well on PC. The reason MS never released any titles on PC up until 4, is because the first one performed poorly (saleswise) on the platform. Gears 5 literally tanked on PC.

Vits114d ago


Do you have the sales report of the original Gears? Because as far as I know that was never made public and being a GFWL's title there is no tracking for it. But in any case. Sales of the franchise probably didn't matter as at the time Microsoft PC output was completly wonkers. So much so that the next big PC release by Microsoft was Fable III almost 3 years after Gears of War original launch.

Also Gears 5 estimative sales on PC is between 500k and 1M on Steam alone. Meanwhile Gears Tactics is between 50k and 100k. With the all-time peak numbers confirming Gears 5 > Tactics. So unless you have a secret report of the sales on the Windows Store/Xbox App I fail to see how Gears 5 tanked and how Tactics sold well.

And in any case that is not important to the discussion. The point is that porting the 4th title on a franchise to a platform that don't have the previous ones. Especially in a linked series like Uncharted may result in less sales than a collection or even the first one alone would gather.

Ratty115d ago

My guess is the first three Uncharted games were made using older engines which are not easily ported to other platforms. But IIRC there was an Uncharted 1-3 for PS4? Technically it should be relatively easy to port it from there.

But there you have it. It's not that it makes sense or not from a gamer standpoint but that it might cost a lot more to port the first three than just Uncharted 4.

Maybe they will consider making the extra investment if Uncharted 4 on PC sells enough.

lonewolf10115d ago

Would love it they brought the whole series over, played UC on PS3 and then the remasters on the PS4. Happy to buy the lot on PC again as it is one of my favorite series in gaming.

Guyfamily999115d ago

I just hope this leads to a 60fps patch on PS5 :) would totally warrant a replay.

InUrFoxHole115d ago

I know UC4 isn't a lot of people favorite in the series but I've easily beat it 4 times. Love uncharted

Atticus_finch115d ago

I can't wait for that, U4 has aged like wine.

115d ago
Atticus_finch115d ago

Yea but it's also made by the best Devs in the industry. The reason why you're so excited.

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