Some Developers Just Can't Get Split-screen on a 16:9 TV Right

Kombo writes: "I've being playing through the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead with my brother. We're both playing on the same TV, using the game's split-screen. Unfortunately, the game doesn't work so well on a widescreen TV. When you take a 4:3 image and chop it into two screens, horizontally, you get two widescreen-ratio screens, which works pretty well. But with a 16:9 image, you get two screens that are super widescreen, having plenty of horizontal peripheral vision but not enough vertical vision. The game has a vertical split-screen option, but the problem is still there -- just in reverse form. It makes a game like Left 4 Dead, which is dark and chaotic, hard to play.

This isn't a problem exclusive to Left 4 Dead, though."

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mikeslemonade3657d ago

If I have company over I'd rather play by myself then sacrifice half of my screen or play a different game.