Resident Evil 5 Demo Available for Download

Kombo Reports: "Yes, the Resident Evil 5 demo is available in Japan right now for download for the Xbox 360. Sadly, it isn't available for us in America or elsewhere in the world. But oh contraire, there is a way to play it. All you have to do is download these 5 files, extract them, and burn them to a CD. "

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TrevorPhillips4304d ago

oh thanxs alot mate im gonna go do this right now im a huge fan of resident evil, that is also why im getting it for both 360 and ps3 :)

Maxned4304d ago

I have it.
Ill give you the pros and cons for those who didnt get it early or for the ps3 users who dont have it yet:

-Excellent Graphics
-Executions are so awesome (Pressing x after an enemy is stunned lets you punch them and they go flying)
-Co-op play improves everything
-Finding a co-op partner online takes AT MOST 10 seconds
-Improved weaponry
-Badass bosses.

-In-game equipment selection can annoy, especcialy when surrounded
-Some glitches like an odd blue line that pops up every once and a while.
-Many character movements, reloads, SFX and enemies are alot like RE4 (this may not be a bad thing.)

Overall, I am VERY pleased. Its looking like its gonna be awesome.

TheColbertinator4304d ago

I'll be patient instead.I'm use to waiting.After all I do have a PS3 :)

socomnick4304d ago

im used to waiting too but man, they ruined resident evil 5, its a bloody co - op game the entire game. Seriously the fear is out the table and enemies [email protected] so much ammo from their arses.

Tewi-Inaba4304d ago

It's not a survival horror anymore :(

AngryTypingGuy4303d ago

LOL. I'll be patient too. I'm paranoid that MS will figure out what I'm doing and ban my gamertag. I love my 360, but MS can be cheapskates sometimes.

poopsack4304d ago

When is it coming out on PS3?

sirbigam4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

nice it's probly gonna come out tommorrow or alittle after for my ps3 japepanese account, especially since it is their backyard

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The story is too old to be commented.