Introducing PULSE Presented by PlayStation Network

For fans wanting even more ways to stay connected and in the know on PlayStation news and updates, we launched a new original program, PULSE presented by PlayStation Network available on

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Sev3631d ago

Smart move Sony. You need more advertising.

Elimin83631d ago

They would replace veronQore she is boring....

Sev3631d ago

I love Veronica, but that may be because I met her before, and she is a super nice person.

Elimin83630d ago

I never said she wasn't nice or i didn't like her personality, she is just boring. she tries to hard to be funny and she aint.... and i got the annual subscription too.

Pandemic3631d ago

Ooo, PULSE is really interesting, can't wait for more.

ruibing3631d ago

Yeah, I noticed it when I went to the website to update my PSN profile with my collection of games. It's a nice concept that deserves to be expanded upon. For example, updates should appear on the PS Blog and the emails that get sent around every week. It's interesting that Playstation now has three female hosts.

Theoneneo813631d ago

so is this gonna be the new Qore?

Chubear3630d ago

Qore is not owned or operated by Sony; This is.

Dimitrius3631d ago

Sound like Qore but in

GiantEnemyCrab3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Sounds just like "Inside Xbox".

$ony bologne once again ripping off ideas. Except Inside Xbox is right from the dashboard. I'm sure $ony will step their game up eventually.

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The story is too old to be commented.