Resident Evil Village Review – Another Hand Bites the Dust | Vamers

Resident Evil Village is both the eighth mainline entry in the long running franchise and also marks the license’s 25th anniversary, and what a fitting celebration it is. From bringing back fan favourite characters to introducing new and memorable ones; taking players to supernatural-laden and ravaged locales that have been pulled straight out of fairy tales, and even giving players who do not play horror games a good entry point; Resident Evil Village does not disappoint. There is simply so much to do, players will likely jump right back in with a New Game Plus not long after the credits have rolled and the twists have been realised. Sadly the game feels much shorter than it rightfully needs to be, but this is only thanks to the subject material at hand – which players will certainly see more of in downloadable content down the road. There is no other way to say it: the game is, truly, very good.

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sourOG188d ago

I’ve beat it 5 times so far. I loved it personally, fun game.