Sony Aims to “Make PlayStation More Social;” CEOs Talk PS5, Expansion in Mobile Market, & Much More

Sony just hosted its Corporate Stretegy Meeting and the company’s executives talked extensively about its plans for the PlayStation business.

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FlakyGoose235d ago

Great stuff, it's clear Sony has a strong vision for the future.

I'm really looking forward to Discord on my PS5. And getting Sony Pictures and Sony Music more embedded into PlayStation sounds good.

I think they should really create a Sony media subscription that includes Sony Movies and Music and PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Sony have so much content they either aren't using or are letting other people sell for them.

itsmebryan235d ago

You mean copy Microsoft's Gamepass? I remember not too long ago Sony fans were saying it was bad for gaming, devs, and gamers. Now that Sony wants to copy Gamepass it "Sony has a strong vision for the future. "? Smh

slayernz235d ago

dont let the door hit you on the way out bryan, understandable not much happening in ms world so need to come and try to troll here? move along

Darkborn235d ago

Playstation now was out years before gamepass. Same with playstation music and movies. They were just saying to put them all together along with ps+.

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Jin_Sakai235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

“You mean copy Microsoft's Gamepass?“

Sony might be working on competing more with Gamepass but at least they’re pumping out amazing 1st party games.

bouzebbal235d ago

No Sony, we want a console that can play offline games.. I'm sick of social crap.. It's nothing but loss of privacy

FlakyGoose235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

"You mean copy Microsoft's Gamepass"

Microsoft has their own movie studios and music labels as part of gamepass?

Oh wait, no they don't.

And gamepass copied PSNow and games with gold copied PS+.

Drew345235d ago


This is what happens when the hype is louder than the action. Sony was doing PlayStation Now or Game Pass 3 years before Game Pass was Game Pass. They also had an outline at where they wanted to take it, too.

It ended up on the Samsung TV, too:

And now Sony has added PC to that family. So no, Game Pass is not new. Microsoft just talks about it more. I also want to add that you can also play games in PlayStation Now online for free in case you can't afford the subscription.

Sony also came up with PlayStation Plus free games a month first, too. That was done back on thd PS3 on June of 2010. So i don't think you're giving them enough credit.

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Master of Unlocking235d ago

Great stuff? Like their plan to bring PS-exclusive IPs to the mobile market? Way to degrade great games.
And if they aim to make "social" the new buzzword at Sony, let's see if they can bring the PS3 app "Home" back to the PS4 & PS5, I say.

FlakyGoose235d ago

They are talking about bringing older IP's (PS1/2) to mobile and they already make mobile games in Japan. It's not going to stop them from making games on PS5.

kylie7468235d ago


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Sayai jin235d ago

@Glacius, there is no logic with console radicals.

At the end of the day it's called business. MS and Sony both buy studios. Sony grows those studios and let's them flourish. MS has to do this. They have made inner studios of some the studios they have brought. Time will tell on that.

As aforementioned, both companies aqcuire studios. It's just that MS has much much deeper pockets than Sony that enable them to buy publishers. People need to remember that Bethesda has ahad a good working relationship with MS for a long time. Just as Sony does with some of their acquisitions i.e. Insomniac...Sunset overdrive...Spiderman. Spiderman is a household name, but you can only play that game if you buy a PS. It's Sony's right to do so. Just as it is now MS right to make thr next Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Dishonored, Prey, Evil Within, etc..It will start off with Stanfield.

People better strap up. MS has stated that they are not done making aqcuisitions. They have the need and means to do so.

Sayai jin235d ago

FlakyGoose, no. If MS wanted to be anti gamer they would keep future content for ESO and Fallout 76 off of other platforms.

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annoyedgamer235d ago

Nothing they are talking about here is a good thing. Its the same anti gaming that Microsoft has followed.


Name one thing MS is currently doing that's anti gaming with Xbox...

FlakyGoose235d ago (Edited 235d ago )


Buying studios that were already putting every single game they made on xbox just to keep those games out of the hands of hundreds of millions of people on Sony and Nintendo consoles and people on PC who don't want to be part on xbox.

darthv72235d ago

^Flakey, that's not anti consumer, that is smart business decisions. Anti consumer would be to have bought them and then did absolutely NOTHING with them (acquire then dissolve). Maybe you dont know the definition of that term.

FlakyGoose235d ago


I know the definition of yo mama! It's fat!

I look in the dictionary for the word fat and it's a picture of yo mama's ass!

235d ago
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Tacoboto235d ago

If Sony had a Game Pass, idk if I'd sub to it because I feel their games have been worth the full-price investment.

"The hit PlayStation game Uncharted is currently being made into a film. And we are taking other steps, including collaboration between Sony Pictures and Sony Music, to maximize the value of IP"

The picture of casual Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland with the flashlight, on top of Holland's own criticism of his acting approach toward Drake, shows me that maybe Sony shouldn't be mixing their games and Movies studios or just has no idea how to do it. I'm not sure what kind of collabs we can expect from the Music side, but yeah... let's see these Lil Nas X and Black Eyed Peas beats, I'm sure the GenZ angst and has-been techno will turn out just fantastic for the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack.

235d ago
Tacoboto235d ago

Straw man found something to cling to so he can dismiss an opinion that differs from his own. Typical. The PS execs mislead as much as or more than the next corporation but their quality games make you forget that. It's ok, kid, I still gave them money for my PS5 so you can worry less.

Spider-Man movies aren't really a good example either. Toby McGuire's third was terrible, Garfield's were forgettable and Holland's are good probably only because of Marvel's involvement. Into the Spiderverse was pretty incredible though - and its soundtrack was released by a competitor to Sony, funny enough.

Teflon02235d ago

Sony's been mixing their companies alot as of late. I didn't fact check but I'm almost certain all the copyright music from Bruno Mars, to Britney speaks in Sackboy are all music from Sony music assuming because they clearly had masters to create those stages from. Sony's been pretty quick to essentially partner Aniplex with FUNimation, the movie thing, not all movies are a success. I'd say stop reaching with negativity. You sound like a 60 year old trying to live in the past. Must be raging when Dreams covered time moves slow, or when FFXV did stand by me lol. Music now is fine, just not your taste lol.

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neutralgamer1992235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

I think they are about to acquire few japanese publishers very soon(I think square enix and Sega/Capcom"one of these two" would be my guess)

Square enix I have a feeling is almost a done deal. They are doing too many exclusives for PlayStation and there was a rumor not too long ago both ms and Sony wanted to buy. Square has a long history with Sony so it won't surprise me if they pick Sony over Ms(since Bethesda had a great relationship with ms and it helped acquiring them)

Lore235d ago

Sony is insane for not already acquiring Square. Sony Pictures and Sony Music would skyrocket in value if they assemble a team to work with the Square division to incorporate all of their properties into television and more music.

Army_of_Darkness235d ago

If Sony acquired SE and Capcom, they'd seriously be untouchable.

235d ago
Abriael235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Square Enix has said clearly they're not interested in selling. Capcom has never been doing better and opening more to multiplatform is helping them further on that. They have zero reasons to sell to anyone.

You need two parties for an acquisition to happen. It's always pretty funny for me to see people that seem to believe that Sony or Microsoft can buy whatever large publisher they want simply by willing so and waving a stack of bills around. 😂

Something like Bethesda's acquisition is a massively rare event. It's hilarious that some people now expect something like that to become commonplace.

They don't need to choose Sony or MS or anyone else. They can stay independent, and looking at their financials, it's a great place for them to be.

UltraNova235d ago

I agree. I wish people stopped advocating for big companies to acquire other companies especially multiplatform ones. This is bad for the consumer in the end.

I_am_Batman235d ago

One of the most annoying side effects of the Zenimax deal is that some fans now seem to think that any publisher is up for grabs. The gaming industry isn't the fantasy football league where you can draft a dream team just to get more points than your friends.

Gamers should be careful what they wish for. These type of acquisitions might not yield the results they're hoping for. As long as a publisher is successful and creates quality titles there is no reason for drastic measures.

darthv72235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

I just read that amazon is buying mgm (and all the bond catalog) for $8bn. I believe that includes all the gaming rights to their properties as well.

Thats a pretty big acquisition

neutralgamer1992235d ago


I said in my opinion because of where market is heading. Ms have already said they will acquire more so you think Sony would just sit quietly while Ms keeps acquiring? PlayStation is more important for Sony than xbox is for Ms. PlayStation is one of the biggest reasons Sony made a huge positive comeback while Xbox makes a profit or not Ms can still make billions

Remember these words by end of this generation we will not have independent square enix, Capcom and Sega. Konami will give rights to their IP's(in ling term contracts)

That zenimax deal will have affects for years to come

Abriael235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

@neutralgamer1992: Yes. The Zenimax deal will make everyone sillier for years to come. I agree with that.

Microsoft can keep TRYING to acquire whatever they want, and Sony can TRY to acquire whatever they want, but they need to find willing companies. Of the two you mentioned one does not want to, and the other has zero reason to.

Zenimax was coming from a stream of mediocre releases, delays, and with its next big hitters years away, so being acquired was a good perspective for them.

But hey, you keep daydreaming of an industry in which everyone will have access to less games unless they buy all platforms in the name of this utter stupidity called console war, like it was in any shape or form a good thing lol. I have them all, so I don't specifically care all that much, but an industry in which there's fewer games for everyone is in no shape or form something to look forward to.

Teflon02235d ago

Abriel you definitely have a very valid point. I'm guessing people don't know how Sony got Insomniac. Sony apparently tried to acquire Insomniac even before Naughty Dog but they planned to during the same time frame. I believe it was early PS3 times. Naughty dog agreed which is why Sony got them I think around uncharted 2's release. Insomniac declined. They wanted to stay independent, which was where that fuse game came from. After a bit they wanted to try multi plat and got EA to publish. Unfortunately that wasn't the game for them. Then they went to MS eventually because they wanted to keep the Sunset Overdrive IP and the agreement Sony has apparently in publishing was that they'd gain the rights to the IP. MS didn't care if Insomniac kept it (why would you, one of Sony's big boys making you an exclusive). Unfortunately a second floor despite MS good efforts to push. Insomniac at that point has stuck with Sony since. Sony presented the idea again I believe they said around the spiderman deal, and Insomniac agreed this time around. It was essentially over 10 years before Sony could get them to sell. I do believe if Sony really wanted to, they'd get SE to sell, but I don't think they'd push for it. Feel like SE would have to tell them specifically they're open to it, just for them to approach the idea. Capcom just don't see happening. If it does, it's EVO and the assistance on making SFV that made em agree. Don't think Sony could get any big boys. Maybe buy something that barely matters like falcom, or something. I think the biggest move Sony could actually pull off is getting ATLUS from SEGA. How? Not sure but I think that's it as I can't see Sega really selling, but I know they'd gladly take a good deal to split with em

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Lionsguard235d ago

There's no way Sony could afford Square. If Sony wanted to buy Square they should have done so in the early 2000s after the Final Fantasy Spirits Within movie tanked hardcore and nearly bankrupted them. Square is far too healthy today for Sony to purchase, Capcom as well, they're doing the best business they've probably ever had in a long time and Sony's pockets aren't nearly as deep to make it worthwhile.

UltraNova235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Sony can buy both Square and Capcom provided they want to sell which they don't, so stop with the misinformation.

For the record, I don't agree with Sony or any other big publisher buying multiplatform studios when they can clearly afford to create new studios of their own.

slayernz235d ago

i think everyone needs to just calm down a bit to be honest! sony have absolutely no need to buy any one else at all....they have enough quality first party content coming out as it is - ms needed to make a move to try and gain ground - whether or not buying bethesda will turn out to be that move is still to be seen....i havent been that impressed by their last few offerings and the next two 'big guns' are still quite some time away

BehindTheRows235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Sony very much could acquire Square. And Capcom. Health is irrelevant when the money comes a strollin’.

Whether or not they SHOULD is another matter. I’m my eyes, PlayStation doesn’t need it.

Drew345235d ago (Edited 235d ago )


This is false. Sony has $40 billion in cash on hand. So they can most certainly afford Square. What I find interesting about these debates is when people instantly assume and shoot straight for a buyout whenever another company is up for grabs. Maybe this is how a company as large as Microsoft does things because they have that kind of capital on hand, but not all acquisitions are obtained through an instant buyout, if I may remind you. Sony is notorious for partnering with a lot of companies before they buy them out. This is exactly how they gained a piece of Epic Games ($250 million + $200 million) or Discord, or even their own mobile phone sector. Originally, it was called Sony Ericsson because the two had a partnership together due to Sony owning stake it that company at a fraction of the price, but then Sony bought them completely out later down the line. They also did the same with their music.

Moreover, back during the PS2 era, Sony bought a small stake of Square Enix at around 10% if you will. So make no mistake, Sony has a lot of allies because of this, and it is that level of bargaining is what you should never underestimate when it comes to Sony.

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Father__Merrin235d ago

Everything sounds good but Sony needs to make sure ps5 purchase is the best okace to play the best games exclusively otherwise there's no real point in one

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Father__Merrin235d ago

@Bumstick lol nice alt account you got there I wonder who it is?

BTW Il take big budget AAA games whilst you play and dare I say even "eat" Poo Poo https://store.steampowered....

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