Formula One Championship Edition Online Hands-On

GameSpot take to the world's biggest motorsports stage in a look at the online racing features in F1 CE. New videos and screenshots included.

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Antan4897d ago

Very pretty at the least. Rain effect looks really nice.

MS7XWDC4897d ago

"Also, even if your car is damaged severely, you will be respawned on the track after a heavy time penalty."

I hope this is some "Arcade Option" !!!!

You can't choose your pit strategy ??
this Can't Be Correct !!

mucho 994897d ago

is actually getting this game? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the F1 series has never been popular, has it?

DJ4897d ago

I'm a pretty big fan of F1; should've been born in Europe or something. =P

gogators4897d ago

still on for release in the States in March?

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