Resident Evil: Village beats Miitopia to No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

Capcom's hit returned to the top of charts with a comfortable margin.

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Jin_Sakai115d ago

Not surprised. It’s one of the best Resident Evil games I’ve ever played.

Nyxus115d ago

Surprising to see most of RE Village's sales being on PS4 instead of PS5, in the launch week it was the other way around.

Tacoboto115d ago

I guess after three weekends of an early-gen AAA release, there are only so many PS5 owners.

Of course, SM:MM would be an exception since that still seems to be selling better on PS5, right? But maybe perception around that one is different as a first-party launch title - people see it as a PS5 title first and foremost.

Something else too - I wonder what the physical distribution is like. Could Sony be manufacturing less PS4 discs of cross-gen titles (which give access to the PS5 Upgrade), or could Capcom be manufacturing more? If I'm a shopper, am I going to buy the PS5 branded copy, or the PS4 branded copy that gets me both versions?

Yui_Suzumiya115d ago

I had to have a Gamestop from Houston do same day delivery because the 5 Gamestops in Pasadena didn't have the PS4 version.. neither did Best Buy or 3 Walmart stores. They all had the PS5 version though! Lol