Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Is a PS4 Exclusive Remake Releasing Next Week

From IGN: "Virtua Fighter is getting a brand-new remake, marking a return to the spotlight for the classic fighting game series after a decade-long absence. While it's not quite a shadow drop, it will nevertheless be out very soon.

Sega announced today that Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown will be a PlayStation 4 console exclusive. It will include updated graphics built in a brand new engine as well as new online features, with development being led by an "all-star team" from Sega AM2 and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio [RGG]. It is being developed as part of Sega's 60th anniversary project."

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Majin-vegeta119d ago

Sweet.Now give us a new Eternal Champions while you're at it

victorMaje119d ago

With the main theme music!

darthv72119d ago

I'd welcome a reboot of that game. Especially in honor of the Michael Latham (the guy who produced it). It certainly had some interesting ideas to differentiate it from other fighters.

On a side note, I hear this game may be one of the PS+ games for June.

Yi-Long119d ago

Played Eternal Champions when it came out, still have the cartridge, but it really wasn’t that good. Nothing about it stood out. Not the gameplay, certainly not the characters. It had relatively big sprites for the time, but it really wasn’t all that special. There are far better games Sega could bring back to this day & age.

darthv72119d ago

the sega cd version was much better than the cart. better moves, music, animation... there was supposed to be a saturn release as well.

MWH119d ago

nostalgia aside, that's the truth.

Petebloodyonion119d ago

You should try the CD version of the game it's must own and a better title compared to the original.
It blend everything from other popular fighter like manual combo link to auto combo, fatality, cinekill, insta death, juggle and a huge cast of character (my favorite is senator).

sourOG119d ago

Was eternal champions the fighting game where there was guy with a chainsaw and you could remove limbs?

MWH113d ago

No, that's Time Killers.

NotoriousWhiz119d ago

I've always wanted to try Eternal Champions. I remember owning a gaming magazine that detailed all the special moves in the game and I thought it looked pretty cool.

Retroman119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

all we need now is a remake of Battle Arena Toshiden

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autobotdan119d ago

I won't support any Sega titles that won't release on xbox. All Sega games should be on xbox now

CobraKai119d ago

Isn’t Virtua Fighter 5 on Game Pass?

autobotdan119d ago

I already own both VF5 Online and Final Showdown on xbox 360. I never needed gampass

Petebloodyonion119d ago

don't know but the 360 version works fine on all platform and feature online (something that the ps3 version was lacking)

neutralgamer1992119d ago


Why? Don't support it get use to the fact Jim Ryan will sign a lot of exclusive deals. I hope Sony buys out Sega and square enix. Because Internet meltdown would be epic

Viking_mo119d ago

Thats the thing, Jim Ryan has said exclusives more than any generation is coming. Microsoft has shown that too with buying Bethesda. This gen will be interesting and exciting as well. Im planning to get the xbox series X later on so I dont miss out on any games

Vanfernal119d ago

So can we get a western release of Phantasy Star Online New Genesis for Playstation or should exclusives just be a one way thing?

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BlaqMagiq1119d ago

That's fine. They don't need you. Can't wait to play this on ps5.

TheTony316118d ago

If you do that you'll get even less on Xbox.

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darthv72119d ago

Virtua Fighter 6 is long overdue. And if they are feeling nostalgic... how about Virtua Cop 4 and Virtua Racing 2

CobraKai119d ago

We never got Virtua Cop 3, Daytona 2, or SCUD Racer for home either. The latter 2 prolly held back by licensing at this point. Virtua Cop VR is screaming to be made.

darthv72119d ago

Those games were made though. i am talking VF6 has not been made, nor has VC4 and VR2. I'm not even sure they had plans for a VR2 but VC4 was planned after VC3. You can play VC3 at home on a hard modded original xbox (128mb memory upgrade required).

VTKC119d ago

V Cop 3 is on the original Xbox. But it was Japan only and could not even play it on anything other than a Japanese Xbox because something about memory chip difference. I saw a video on it where this clever person talked and showed this, he also showed how he had to remove and replace some chip in the xbox to get the game to run. Really bizarre.

CobraKai119d ago

VC3 was never officially released. It was canceled. The arcade used the same hardware that made up the Xbox so maybe that’s how they were able to get it to run. I think Sega canceled it due to the cost of creating a new light gun for it as Xbox didn’t have an official one.

darthv72119d ago

Xbox had several light guns that were official. Even a big ass one made for silent scope. Sega didnt have an issue with releasing HotD 3 on Xbox. VC3 was slated to release but then was canned. which is why you can mod the system to play the arcade rom. It plays pretty good too.

Oh and as for Daytona 2 and SCUD (Super GT), while yes we never got official releases, Sega at least added a couple tracks based off those to outrun 2. I would have preferred a full release of both but it is what it is.

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ApocalypseShadow119d ago

The granddaddy of 3D fighting. Looks good. Now, get to work on Shinobi and Skies of Arcadia for the 60th.

RauLeCreuset119d ago

I hope it includes the world tour mode like OG 5.

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