IGN: Alternate Endings iPhone Review

IGN writes: "The iPhone has hosted a number of choose-your-own-adventure style games, including simple text games and audiobooks. But Alternate Endings is a cinematic take on the genre -- one of those interactive movies like Night Trap that were supposed to be the Next Big Thing many years ago. Unlike those failures, Alternate Endings manages to get the tone, pacing, and level of interactivity just right. It also helps that the script and actors are very good. And while we're shoveling kudos on the game, let's also hear it for only charging two dollars for the download.

You play as studio security guard Russell Bingham, trying to solve the crime of a murdered director on one of the sound stages. While waiting for the real police to arrive, Russell and his older, alcoholic partner, try and figure out if the producer, editor, writer, assistant editor or girlfriend is the real culprit. You see, before being killed, the director didn't want special features on the DVD of the movie. However, the producer argued that audiences will love being able to control their own movie. It's nice set-up device that both serves the plot and winks at the audience."

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