Sony Discounting Demon's Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and More PS5 Games in Days of Play Sale

Sony's official PlayStation celebration Days of Play is making a return this year, starting on the 26th May and ending on the 9th June. Traditionally, Days of Play makes a big deal out of sales and discounts — and this year's event is no different

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MetroidFREAK21123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I bought Miles Morales for full price, and it was easily worth it. The game was my GOTY 2020 and it still is one of the best stories I've played. The characters, voice acting was absolutely sublime. The gameplay was also a massive improvement from the 2018 Spider-Man. The included remaster is the definitive way to play the 2018 game as well. I just wish the remaster was pressed onto a disc. (Cmon Limited Run Games lol)

bouzebbal123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

How is the gameplay an improvement over the first one?? I find the first one bland, with not much depth.. Side missions are really boring. Graphics and gameplay are top notch, but not much engagement. I'm curious to hear how the second one improves

RazzerRedux123d ago

You thought the first was bland? Seriously? Well, not sure you'll like MM if you thought the first SM gameplay was bland, but the Venom powers are a lot of fun to learn and play. That's the thing though. You've got to figure out how to use the powers and when. You can get some crazy combos going especially when surrounded by a ton of enemies.

I don't agree with MetroidFREAK21 that MM was a massive improvement mainly because I disagree on the story and voice acting. I thought the dialogue was just cringe-worthy most of the time in Miles Morales. The story itself was good, but the first was much better, imo. The first had a ton of known Spider-man enemies whereas I've heard of the "tinkerer" before. So, for me, SM was better story, voice acting, and characters were better, but SM:MM had better gameplay.

jukins123d ago

I mean if all you did was punch and kick and not intertwine his dodging web skills and gadgets then yea i could see it being boring. And the story was great as well. I mean just say you dont like spiderman/ps or whatever. Cause spiderman is one of the most polished games especially on ps5

MetroidFREAK21123d ago

Honestly, MM does have more variety, but its not as significant as you may think, but its just as solid as SM 2018. If you found it bland the first time, you'll probably be bored again. I found it to be excellent personally though. Some of em were pretty tough imo of course

ActualWhiteMan123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I too thought Spiderman 2018 got really boring about a third of the way through. Never finished it.

JustTheFax122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I am with you man. I found it bland too. I just wanted it to end. I played the remaster on PS5 and have yet to play MM too because I found the first one such a slog. Also jukins says it is polished, but I had more crashes and issues than I did with Cyberpunk, including one crash that completely shut off my PS5.

bouzebbal122d ago

It's okay people disagree, but the side missions are very boring.. Follow birds, stop thugs by stopping their car.. It's the exact same and difficulty never increases.. Compared to Batman's depth and how rich the side missions are SM is laughable.. I loved the gameplay and graphics though.. Super impressive on Pro.. It's my honest opinion! And not my mind to praise something because most do..

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ScootaKuH122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I agree. Each to their own but I also found the gameplay to be bland. I barely did any of the side missions because they were all so similar. It was all style over substance imo. Looks nice but has no depth. Miles Morales does improve on this slightly, in that the side missions are a little more varied. I still found them tedious though, so gave most of them a miss. The standard gameplay structure is more or less identical though.

How they managed to make such action packed games so boring to play is beyond me. I rushed through them purely to see the story out, but wouldn't say I "enjoyed" them.

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Walweeze123d ago

I agree with you! I love the game and wanted more after. The new powers he had made the game so much fun and yeah the story hit me on all levels.

BoneMagnus123d ago

Now if I could only find a PS5 to buy and play these games on...

Thundercat77123d ago

You are getting disagrees because you would like a PS5... Wow.

bloop123d ago

I've been following loads of stock drop accounts on social media and tried getting one every drop since launch and finally managed to get one today on GameStop (Ireland). They seemed to have quiet a few more of them than they've had on other drops so hopefully resupplies are getting more plentiful and you might manage to get one soon. It's without doubt the most difficult and frustrating time I've had trying to get a new console and I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 days 😣

Thundercat77123d ago

I recently bought demon's souls full price. Anyone knows if they give a refund for the difference in the new price?

CaptainHenry916123d ago

A little to late for that😂😂

MetroidFREAK21123d ago

No lol... they got your money

boing1123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Depends how recently. Sony once actually refunded my buddy with the difference after he brought it up to them but it was like 2 days before promo price.

Stanjara122d ago

The only way that happens is if You buy a game, but the game goes on Ps plus the day after and you are a Plus member. Than you can ask for a refund, but not for a price cut or a title on sale.

Teflon02122d ago

Stan not true, I've got reimbursed for a game going on sale after buying. The time frame is probably real tight though. I can't remember what game but it went on sale the next day and they game me back 50% of the price. BUT only as PSN credit if I remember correct. Maybe it's a 24 hour window or whatever but it's possible.

JustTheFax122d ago

Of course you would...but you are supporting the developers by paying full price. Isn't that your thing?

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DOMination-122d ago

I think its fair to say you are in the group of massive Sony fans on this site, so its interesting that you have talked about this game a lot and yet you hadn't even played it. And now you want it on the cheap to screw the developers out of money.

Reputation in tatters mate.

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adamwparker123d ago

Awesome!!! ..... all I need to do is find a PS5 that isn't asking for my left arm....

RazzerRedux122d ago

Are both your kidneys functioning? You only really need one. Just sayin

Gardenia123d ago

I was looking forward to finally some PS5 discounts, but it's still 40-50 euros. This sucks.

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