First Days of Play Community Challenge Is Complete, Unlocking This Free PS4 Theme

But forget about the stretch goal

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whitbyfox193d ago

These are pretty lame compared to Microsoft Rewards where you earn loads of 💵€💰¥€ 180;£ to do with what you like.

RosweeSon192d ago

Yeah if you wanna sit around searching on bing id rather just shop around and get it cheaper In the first place rather than spending 2 hours or more to earn a £5er but no thanks, sure it’s better than nothing and if you are using and paying for an Xbox well more fool you but jokes aside it all adds up so something back is great. Hopefully Sony introduce something however it’s not the end of the world I get great value from Sony anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️🤓 ✌🏻 Don’t own an Xbox so short of doing quizzes surveys etc takes ages to earn the points more than my time is worth anywya 🤣✌🏻

neomahi192d ago

If thats true, its only because Microsoft has bottomless pockets, how can you respect that?

A rich man cuts in front of you and buys out the entire stock and you get nothing no matter how long you wait in line and youre screwed because your father didnt just give you a bunch of money but his did and he didnt even have to do any work to earn it. Sony has to be creative and produce an impressive creative product to get business while Microsoft just buys whatever they want with no effort or history of great ling term relationship with developers, so in a sense, Microsoft gets a free ride simply because of wealth alone, not sacrifice, dedication, loyalty, or hard work

Lore193d ago

I’ve always been curious how they figure out who is unlocking achievements through hacking. Wonder if they’re still getting paid out