Tales of Arise Boost Attack, Boost Strike, Mystic Artes and More Detailed

Tales of Series IP General Producer Tomizawa Yusuke recently shared some details about the battle mechanics of upcoming JRPG Tales of Arise.

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Darkborn144d ago

This game does look interesting everytime I see news about it.

Lore144d ago

Yup. Thank goodness for Bandai because we all know Sony won’t invest their own studios into the genre.

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autobotdan144d ago

I already have the xbox one collectors edition preordered from the bandai namco online store

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repsahj144d ago much as i want to play the next tales, i think the graphics is outdated.

autobotdan144d ago

Wow outdated? This is actually the best looking Tales game of all time but I guess you wanted even better graphics haha