The Enduring Legacy of PlayStation DualShock

Sony took Nintendo's promising designs and perfected them - twice. Once with the original digital pad and again with DualShock, which would go on to influence controller design to this very day.

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Limitedtimestruggle60d ago

Just a shoutout for the absolute worst controller Sony bundled with a Playstation——> The SIXAXIS.

Absolutely low-point stuff.

The one I got bundled with my 60Gb PS3 had see-trough plastic if you held it up against a light source, and the lack of Dual Shock feature made it feel so damn light and cheap lol. I didn’t buy another controller until the Dual Shock 3 came! And the triggers feel totally wrong! A huge step-down from the Dual Shock 2. The only thing it had going for it was the wireless. And yeah, the SIXAXIS was just a cheap gimmick and a joke at the time, a sorry excuse for lacking rumble.

I hate it.

PrimeVinister60d ago

The lightness of it made it feel awful. I didn't miss the rumble all that much, I just hated how it felt.

Limitedtimestruggle60d ago

Yes, and the convex triggers? Does not make sense at all. What the hell did the controller design team smoke?

PrimeVinister60d ago

@Limitedtimestruggle Do you mean the convex thumbsticks? Cos I didn't mind that so much but I did prefer the concave stick of the Dual Analog

Limitedtimestruggle60d ago

@PrimeVinister : No I'm talking about the horrible R2 and L2 trigger design. Actually I never had an issue regarding the thumb stick design on the Dual Shock, except for the poor quality on the rubber on the initial Dual Shock 4 design. The Dual Analog is one amazing controller, I have a few of them myself! Really like it!

PrimeVinister60d ago

@Limitedtimestruggle Ah, ok. I get ya now. They were also mushy so your finger slipped off a lot when really hammering either of them

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Knightofelemia60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Great controller if it ain't broke don't fix it went on from PS1-PS3 only controller I did not like was the Sixaxis lack of vibration motors in a controller made it feel like a half built controller. Not sure what Sony was thinking releasing the Sixaxis then pop out the Dualshock 3. Only thing I hate about the Dualshock 4 is the flash light and the speaker on the controller either then those two gripes its also a good controller.

PrimeVinister59d ago

DualShock 4 was close to perfect. The speaker was kinda pointless and the light was annoying but other than that...

DualSense is an amazing piece of kit

Zize5559d ago

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PrimeVinister59d ago

It wasn't my first but it stuck out as really cutting edge at the time. I actually did not know you could get a PC adaptor for it, that's really cool.