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As satisfying its exploration is, the most striking take-away from Biomutant is just how astonishingly well it pulls off its intended tone. More so its seemingly endless and mismatched assembly of influences. The feeling that it’s one mechanic or idea away from disaster — likely to collapse into a confused mess of what was once an aspired open-world, action-adventure. But X101 have seemingly achieved the unthinkable in threading that most unfathomable of needles that is Biomutant‘s pitch.

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Aussiesummer1099d ago

How much are they paying you?! Jeesh, talk about transparent.

MadLad1099d ago

I wrote for them back in the day.
Not trying to throw them under the bus, but it was the only site I wrote for that would legitimately change the entire narrative of my reviews, and change the score.

I know the guy who ran the site, at least at the time, was tied to IGN, and that they wanted typically positive reviews overall, unless it was an unknown indie. Therefore it would have little impact to the site's ties to larger companies.

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Nyxus1099d ago

@ bumblebeeman: so how do you explain The Last of Us Part II got by far the most user voted awards as well? https://www.gameawards.net/...

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anast1099d ago

I left gaming for a while and when I returned I noticed this almost immediately. No just on this site, but in general.

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Tacoboto1099d ago

"As satisfying its exploration is"

Authors, come on! Does no one read what they type anymore? Gaming journalism is hard to take seriously as it is; basic grammar failure like this and from another review of this game on here make it even worse.

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Ratchet751099d ago

As satisfying as it's exploration is

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KillBill1098d ago

'Satisfying as its exploration is' and 'As satisfying its exploration is' are both perfectly fine. Adding another "as" after the adjective 'satisfying' is redundant.

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KillBill1098d ago

Which is funny because below you appear to correct it by adding another "as" into the sentence. But if you were truly trying to fix it you would simply move the first "as" to follow the adjective "satisfying" and read as "Satisfying as its exploration is". You would not have "as" both in front and after the adjective as you suggested. You created a redundancy issue. Though initial sentence might have sounded a bit odd to those that are used to hearing different 'incorrect' phrasings... it is still accurately typed.

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THQ Nordic says Biomutant on Switch has sold more copies than they expected

Biomutant received a surprise release by THQ Nordic on the Nintendo Switch and while it has various compromises to run on Nintendo’s now aging Switch hardware, it is still good fun.

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Philaroni3d ago

Good for them, I miss games like this is, was rough at some points but by now I feel it must have got better. Maybe I'm just a sucker for fuzzy things like Ratchet and Clank, and the old Conker and Jak/Dax games. Don't know, just reminds me of those times.


Biomutant – Three Years Later

After launching three years ago in a relatively disappointing state, how does Experiment 101's open-world action title hold up?

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sweatyrich9d ago

I played it on the PS5 in 40fps mode and it was pretty decent. Looked great, gameplay was a little but clunky at time, and fairly repetitive, but there's a large map to explore, LOADS of things to do, and you're a gun-toting, kung-fu'ing racoon !!
Accept the game for what it is, and you'll have a good time like I did.

Can't speak for how it was at launch, but the game I played was a 7.5/10

anast9d ago

I would like to see this game get a sequel with all the lessons learnt from the rocky launch and with newer tech.

Demetrius9d ago

I finished this not too long ago, definitely one of my most favorites I was really in tune with it, I didn't silence the narrator cause it always felt like I was being told a story, lol just like real life I enjoy old people telling me stories every since I was a kid I've always enjoyed that, biomutant 2 would be so mf nice to happen, definitely going for a 2nd playthrough on ps5 this time around


Biomutant Switch Review - An All Right Port | COGconnected

Biomutant comes to the Nintendo Switch. A decent port, but nothing groundbreaking.

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spicelicka14d ago

At least it's not an Alt right port!

Haha right??....or Alt right?