Xbox Series X DRM Makes It Near Impossible to Play Games Offline

It seems that Microsoft’s digital rights management decisions for the Xbox Series X are a serious cause for concern

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masterfox119d ago

Hmm some people learn the hard way, MS gaming division has been always this way, MS wants full control of your games , said it dozens and dozens of times for years now , being part of Xbox your self ownership of games I think is none existent, remember Don Mattrick?, well his thoughts are back to hunt your soul, along side his buddies Phil and Major Nelson :D

bouzebbal119d ago

One of the reasons I will never support this anti consumer company

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TheRealTedCruz119d ago

The other two you don't seem to have a bias towards constantly do anti-consumer things.

Why do they get a pass?

Obz119d ago

It's only anti consumer to you because it's Microsoft.

rakentaja119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Sony is way more anti-consumer but you'll never see it as a Poni.
1. Where is 1440p support for monitors?
2. External SSD support for more space?
3. Xbox Rewards (only works Live supported countries), where you can earn money, xbox live or game pass just for playing games. I've heard that you can get free Xbox Live forever by doing so.
4. RetroArch:
5. Excellent BC.
6. Excellent gaming rental service, not like PS Now.
7. Regular + Elite controller (more choices).
8. Killing smaller studios and pushing first party devs only for AAAA's (tiresome, more stress).
9. Sony raised the game prices to 70$ (Sony was behind this idea).
I could continue but your ignorance tires me. I move on.

3 dislikes already, maximum ignorance !! keep going!

Pridefall119d ago

Because the PS Vita memory cards were so pro-consumer 🙄

DarthMarvin119d ago

@rakentaja The only thing on that list that's anti-consumer is raising of game prices. Admitedly, that is absolutely unacceptable, but it's literally the only one.

InUrFoxHole119d ago

Look I'm with u guys, sony is a [email protected] up as well. This doesn't change the fact MS has an issue with this. Both sides can deflect all day. It still remains true

Teflon02119d ago

1 not having support for 1440 isn't anti consumer. It's inconvenient? Yup but not anticonsumer.
2 external SSD space has been mentioned 400 thousand times. Just because Sony is making sure external SSDs can handle/keep up with the PS5s demand before it ruins the experience is literally the opposite of anti consumer. They could say f it and make you use any and ruin your console lol.
3 not having a rewards system isn't anticonsumer lmao. Also don't know about where you live but literally PlayStation is the only console of the 3 that doesn't tax me on my games when buying digital. So I save nearly $10 buying on PS vs the other 2, better than rewards imo.
4 bruhh, retroarch lmao 😂😂 you mean the thing that can easily cause lawsuits? I have that on my SNES mini, and such. Keep that out the convo. That's reaching hard
5 PS5s is excellent as well. Not sure what that's about. Why because series X essentially uses the same application type between the 2 it's better? Sure it has advantages, but it also has disadvantages. Look up the NBA2K situation and why it can actually be better how Sony does it.
6 I tried em both, it's about what you want. PSNow is literally the same service with more titles, well maybe about the same now that's downloadable, and then a bunch of PS3 titles streamable. Around 800 games, personally as a JRPG fan and more niche fan now actually is better for me. I like owning physicals for console exclusives. So that's okay
7 more control options? How much is the elite control and how much does it actually cost to make? Bet the truth is probably not as much as the ps5 control. Series X didn't even really make a new control. They added a Sony made button from 2013.
8 so closing studios isnt what MS did? Then go and buy a bunch of the studio's that made multiplatform titles? That's literally more anticonsumer than anything on the list. Ninja theory? Bethesda? Try to bully Sony into putting Xbox Live on PlayStation and the moment they did crossplay without MS being the one in control MS dropped all crossplay adverts etc lmao. The fake good guys who will do anything to get their way. The guys who use to make you pay to access apps that had paid subs.
Seem to forget Sony is the only reason paid subscriptions on consoles are even slightly reasonable. Where it was only the online for paid games you were paying for and got rewarded free games in the process. They changed MS into being consumer friendly lmao.
9 game prices, that is anticonsumer. But outside the rage in the US, here in Canada game prices rose from $60 to $80 mid gen and after tax $90 and change. Now $10 more for not only Sony games. If Sony's making some of the best games and CoD and such are doing it, why are they expected not to? Do I like it? Naw. But really Americans are lucky it's just $60 to $70 for them. Also Sony games drop in price at good rates and the amount of great game giveaways with PS5. Like the $20 fantastic games on plus for all ps5 owners etc.. easily makes up for it.
Last that Spiderman thing. Insomniac did that not Sony. Also if you look into it, the reason why made sense. It's a complete edition of the game with different character models. Not the same exact game upgraded. They could give for free but even for save transfers they had to put some work into making it happen. Spiderman remaster isn't even some $400 game. It's a what? $20 addition to the miles price. Really isn't a real complaint seeing every other PS game has been getting update patches and not being forced rebuy lol

enkiduxiv119d ago

@rakentaja You're getting downvotes because you don't know what you're talking about. For one, Sony has excellent support for expandable SSD storage, both internal and external. Last I checked, all Xbox allowed was their own proprietary storage upgrades, which cost too much and don't work very well. Sony allows you to add NVMe SSD's produced by other manufacturers.

Don't worry so much. Microsoft's entire business model is to attract the "geniuses" like you. There is a whole Game Pass ecosystem out there to keep you away from the rest of us.

Godmars290119d ago

"By what measure are you calling Xbox anti consumer?"

Because they're pushing Game Pass. A subscription service where you literally do not own the games you play.

Yes, they give you the option to buy those games, however the thing about that is, it that its an option in service to GP. One that could be removed at any time, especially and very likely whenever GP becomes generally popular.

Army_of_Darkness119d ago (Edited 119d ago )


1. Where is 1440p support for monitors?... most people have 1080p 0r 4k display, so who cares.
2. External SSD support for more space?... External HDD is available on ps5.
3. Xbox Rewards (only works Live supported countries), where you can earn money, xbox live or game pass just for playing games. I've heard that you can get free Xbox Live forever by doing so....... Umm.. Good for those SUPPORTED countries??
4. RetroArch: Don't care to click on link.
5. Excellent BC..... And ps5 has BC as well, what's your point?
6. Excellent gaming rental service, not like PS Now.... Who the F rents?? when you have free subscribed monthly ps+ games and weekly dirt cheap game sales every week??
7. Regular + Elite controller (more choices).... yeah bro, get your last gen standard xbox controller or pay a couple hundred more for a better quality controller vs. an awesome controller right out of the box! oh what a dilemma ps5 gamers have.
8. Killing smaller studios and pushing first party devs only for AAAA's (tiresome, more stress).... LMFAO! this is just to easy...
9. Sony raised the game prices to 70$ (Sony was behind this idea).... I agree.. Sony was dumb for this one.

I could continue but your ignorance tires me. I move on....... No you can't, but i'd still like you to try ;-)

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fr0sty119d ago

Look at all these people trying to use whataboutism to defend companies ripping people off... these companies do not care about you, they only care about taking your money. Get over it, this isn't a football game. Stop cheerleading.

Army_of_Darkness119d ago


Bro, just chill because you are a joke and your anti arguments are an even bigger joke to the point that I don't even feel the need to defend my previous comments.... And the only intimacy us ps5 owners get is hugging our console?! Lmfao! This, coming from a loser that claims to have all the current consoles plus pc? Hahaha! Intimacy with your right hand and mouse much?

GoodGuy09119d ago

All companies are anticonsumer to some extent. Mcsft has actually not been too bad this gen...they just dont have games atm lol. Theres the drm and gold rqrd for f2p games. Nintendo that rarely ever drops the prices of their 1st party games, no refunds, no ratings for the eshop, mario 35th taken down, the whole skyward sword debacle. Then theres sony with no refunds, spiderman ps5 isnt a free upgrade, $70 games defending, the psn shutdown for old consoles, the faceplate shutdowns, the not caring about backwards compat.

All these companies care for are your money.

travestyj119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Microsoft has the same refund policy as Sony. Microsoft only allows people part of the Xbox Insider program to play for two hours.

Microsoft also hasn't released a new games since before Xbox Series X released so how can they even charge for an upgrade?

bouzebbal119d ago


It's Microsoft altogether an anti consumer company.. We are talking about you are paying for something you aren't owning..
Financial system is moving towards cashless society, meaning you have some numbers on your account but you don't own them you have no power no freedom anymore.. This is also backed by microsoft. People should realize this before it's too late and it's happening right now!

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Knushwood Butt119d ago

PS Vita memory cards are going up in value where I am.

rakentaja119d ago

10. no VRR support (Freesync)
11. Cloud saves require PS+ (free on Xbox)
12. Quick Resume
13. xCloud (play on tablets and phones)

Talk about dedication vs LIMITATIONS.

DaveZero119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

It's comments like these that give this site a bad name because of the extreme Sony fanboys who jump on everything Microsoft.

It's about time you all grew up from being a child, it is allowed you know and just because you like Sony doesn't mean you have to be negative about everything Microsoft.

Gameseeker_Frampt119d ago


"One of the reasons I will never support this anti consumer company"

Yet you are completely ok with supporting Sony even after you know that all PS4s will be unable to play any physical game after the servers go down and your cmos battery dies.

119d ago
darthv72119d ago

^^^so what did I miss?

I have my series s set as my home console (even though I have a one x in my bedroom) and I have not had any problems playing og, 360 or xbo games from it while offline. I have had instances where my internet has gone down but i can still play on my S. I would imagine that would not be the case for my One X as that is not my main console. So that is to be expected, it even says that right in the info.

VariantAEC118d ago

That raising of game prices is paying developers ways and from what I'm seeing PlayStation's 1st party developers mist definitely do deserve it. Sure that door is open for every publisher to abuse that $10 price hike and they unfortunately will, then it is up to you as the consumer to actually bite down and NOT BUY THEIR •••• GAMES!

Wait for the walk throughs and video reviews if you're unsure or already know the developer or publisher has released some weak games in the past. Nintendo doesn't do sales MS puts on this show of "we're pro-consumer" but PlayStation raises the cost barrier by $10 per game which not everyone will exploit and this is only seen an anti-consumer move despite the fact that it is literally one of the only reasons we're seeing the massive gulf in graphics this generation between PS games and games everywhere else as per usual.

As we have seen thanks to the Apple V. Epic legal suit PS is a powerhouse making money hand over fist in the gaming space even so making games IS ACTUALLY GETTING MORE EXPENSIVE NOT CHEAPER.
If it was getting cheaper and easier and all that every year we'd be seeing more and more PS quality games every year... BUT WE AREN'T even on PC.

DJStotty118d ago


"Sony allows you to add NVMe SSD's produced by other manufacturers."

None have been passed as far as i am aware, which ones can i put in my PS5 today? Did they not announce it will be around Summer 2021? And even then, can you run PS5 games from it? It would have to match or even surpass, the internal SSD architecture, let me know the price of that "cheap" M.2?

"Sony has excellent support for expandable SSD storage, both internal and external."

Erm, they have only just allowed you to actually run PS4 games from an external drive, 6 months after launch. With Xbox, this has been available since launch day.

"Last I checked, all Xbox allowed was their own proprietary storage upgrades"

Erm, incorrect again, at this moment you can only run Series games from the internal or expansion card, games have been installable to external HDD's and SSD's since launch.

As with Sony PS5, you can only run PS5 games from the internal.

And you say other people do not know what they are talking about lmao.

VariantAEC117d ago

1. Who really needs 1440p support? It is only an inconvenience not a real problem but sure I guess XS gets a tiny w there.
2. PS5 has external HDD/SSD support for archive purposes and you can run PS4 games from this media too.
3. PS has a Reward card and has had one for a few years now as well as Sony Rewards Program.
4. RetroArch app support is a real reach but again I suppose that's a tiny w for XS systems???
5. Excellent BC... exists on PS5 as well!
6. Excellent gaming rental service, like PS Now.
7. Regular + other controller choices exist on PS as well, but DualSense is actually pretty neat so why switch things up?
8. Killing smaller studios and pushing first party devs only for AAAA's <- yeah uhm every publisher does that unfortunately PS, Xbox, Nintendo... This gen just started and PS has culled 1 studio since PS5 if memory serves and already made another.
9. Sony raised the game prices to 70$ to fund the amazing games that we're seeing on PS5. Is this really anti-consumer? Unfortunately it will be abused by less scrupulous publishers and developers.
10. no VRR support Freesync on day one vs XS slightly broken support.
11. Cloud saves require PS+ free on Xbox another legitimate plus I suppose though again PS5 users still have archive options so they're not out in the cold its just less convenient.
12. Activity cards put gamers right into the action. Besides doesn't Quick Resume have some bugs in certain games?
13. PS Remote Play allows users to control their PS5 on phones and tablets.

Looks like the only wins on XS systems are free cloud saves, 1440p support, being able to run XS games from external media, some kind of VRR support Day-1 and the ability to run the RetroArch app... not really huge wins.

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DeusFever119d ago

Don Mattrick says if you want offline games, you can always play then on your Xbox 360.

119d ago
Ashunderfire86119d ago

An that’s how Don Mattrick got fired 🔥 lol! That one ☝️ quote that ended his career.

NotoriousWhiz119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

So my Xbox games work just fine while offline, but I also have it set as my home Xbox, something the makers of the video didn't do until the end of the video (after showing that nothing worked).

Neither PS4/5 nor the Nintendo switch will allow you to play digital titles offline without setting the console as your home console.

scofios119d ago

If this was Sony the media would be outside right now with the Pitchforks .

enkiduxiv119d ago

I know right. That poor underdog... Microsoft. You Xbox guys are hilarious.

119d ago
DCarnage119d ago

Sony had a DRM patent on the PS4 almost identical to the XBox One's but Sony saw the backlash XBox received and backpedaled. I'm glad they did but don't think that the big three are innocent by any means. The name of the game is money.

Jin_Sakai119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Need Internet for first time console boot
Need Internet for old gen title boot
Need internet for smart delivery
Need internet for digitally purchased game boots

Wow. Don Mattrick gone and it’s still happening.

SpineSaw119d ago

It was never Don Mattrick's plan he was just a Fall Guy as is Phil Spencer nothing more it was always Microsoft's plan.

Bronbron92119d ago

I just thought that was the norm right with both gamepass and plus games you need internet to play them obviously, but when it comes to digital purchases I didn’t know Xbox was pulling that it’s like they thought there’s no way anyone would lose internet and or be somewhere terrible or non functional wifi lol

DJStotty119d ago


I would completely agree, but your statement has one major flaw....

You can still buy xbox games on disc so....

DarXyde119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I will get a lot of grief for saying so, but I don't care —it needs to be said:

Let's not pretend that every PlayStation dating back to 2006 (PS3) with dying internal batteries will not cause issues with game access. I do not disagree with your assessment of Xbox, but there is still a very prevalent issue Sony needs to sort out that impacts physical AND digital games? Have they addressed it? No clue. Just saying, there don't seem to be any good guys here.

Regarding Xbox...I mean... It's kind of an issue sort of... But I don't think it is for most Xbox gamers. For starters, it seems to uniquely affect Smart Delivery titles and not native Xbox Series games (on disc, to be clear—it's a minefield for digital content). But on the other hand, I think the common Xbox gamer is always connected anyway—the fact that this is only now coming to attention is probably a testament to that reality. Obviously, there are single player Xbox gamers and the backlash for the Xbox One DRM fiasco was severe enough to say that people don't want this... But that was also before Microsoft started doing a lot with subscriptions and pushing it on people aggressively. We don't really know how the numbers shake out, but I'm willing to bet that most Xbox gamers won't care. It's one more reason that I'll never buy into the Xbox ecosystem again, but I think it's not going to be a deal breaker for the main audience at all. This is huge news in that it is a very anti-consumer move (and done so quietly), but with how much people are raving about Game Pass, I don't really believe this to be of much importance to those gamers when the platform with draconian DRM practices also pulls them in with an online subscription service.

And to my brothers and sisters in the PlayStation nation, I suspect many of you are acting outraged because it makes for good news to some of you. The real concern ought to be whether Sony sees this as a good idea.

There are no winners here. Only losers, people wringing their hands over the fence, and people who don't care.

119d ago
KingofBandits118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Yes this has LONG been Microsoft's practice which is why I have been hesitant to adopt them as the new "good guy of gaming" yes some of Sony's practices over the last few years, one sided political BS, censorship and the recent discovery of the CMOS issue (which Xbox also has btw) made it apparent that they have room to improve. Still just because Microsoft has better built in backwards compatibility into their eco system does not mean that this is not the same company that tried to push the horrible DRM practices just last gen and across other products and services. I like my XSX but MS as a company is very anti consumer for a lot of its products and services

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isarai119d ago

Waiting for the spin the try and make this sound like a good thing

gamer7804119d ago

It’s not good but it’s the way things are becoming and as you get older you’ll find you care less about holding on stuff that’s all really on loan to you anyway.

119d ago
Imalwaysright119d ago

I've been gaming for almost 30 years and that's exactly why this is something that pisses me off. Call me old fashioned but I like to play my games without having to ask permission from a multi-billion $ corporation.

gamer7804119d ago

@knighted just my opinion, but speaking statistically I’m much more likely to be older than the person I replied to.

119d ago
BehindTheRows119d ago


There was a time when I disagreed with you fiercely. Lately, I find that being a serious thing if the past! 100% agree with you here!

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Software_Lover119d ago

......... It has always been this way. If the machine that you are gaming on is not your home console, then you cannot play your games offline. If it is your home console then you can play them offline. I should know, I let a co-workers child borrow my Xbox One X for 6 months and he had to keep it offline as he doesn't have internet.

His son played Halo and Call of Duty with no issues.

deadfrag119d ago

The problema is that some games now even if you set your Xbox Séries X has primary dont work!You have to make an online check for the games to Run and play!This was always what Microsoft wanted since the Xbox One release!

gamingtext2020119d ago

This will never be a good thing, this is why I can’t support Gamepass.

Gameseeker_Frampt118d ago

How about the digital PS5 - you ok with supporting that?

gamingtext2020118d ago


I’m not sure what the digital PS5 console has to do with this. I think people that want to play their games offline with the PS5 digital console, they still can or am I mistaken?

I have the disc drive PS5 by the way.

Sayai jin119d ago

It happens on every negative news article, no matter if it negative news avout Ninty, MS, or Sony. Do you wait for that soin when it involves Ninty or Sony?

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Orchard119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Welcome to modern times where we don't really own anything but more so are granted licenses.

The smart delivery thing wasn't a surprise though, I don't think anyone really expected two versions of the game to be on a single bluray.

Fortunately, it seems unlikely MS are going to go bankrupt anytime soon - would still like to see a 100% offline solution made available though, at least for games that aren't dependent upon extra data / patches.

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Kavorklestein119d ago

Oh boy, Here we go with all the Oh Noes, the HOW DARE THEYS, and the Satan hates ownership and wants to corrupt our universe thru vidya gaymez.

DarthZoolu119d ago

Everyone's glossing over the little fact of setting your Xbox as your home Xbox. This is fake outrage and fake news.

JEECE119d ago

Lol unreal. Every so often last gen some no name site would do this with PS4 to try to get clicks. They'd take a PS4, make sure it was not set as their primary console, intentionally take it offline, and then write articles about how they were "locked out" of their games.

DarthZoolu119d ago

Exactly! Fanboys that try to lie on PlayStation or on Microsoft are insane. You don't get to have your own facts. I don't know what type of mental disability one must have to buy into these types of things.

RazzerRedux119d ago

The article didn't gloss over it.

"While Microsoft recommends keeping your Xbox Series X as your ‘Home Console’ in its settings, it’s a solution that’s described as a ‘band-aid’ as it doesn’t seem to work with every game as it should."

Timestamped video:

NotoriousWhiz119d ago

He ran his tests prior to setting it as his home Xbox and then "demonstrated" that digital PS5 games work when it's not set to your home console. Hint: they don't.

RazzerRedux119d ago (Edited 119d ago )


Watch the video. He tested setting Xbox to "home" in the link I provided and some, not all, games worked.

DarthZoolu119d ago

So the absolute solution to a problem that really doesn't exist because of said solution is a Band Aid? Derp derp derpty derp.

NotoriousWhiz119d ago

I watched the full video. It's not clear what he actually did after setting his box to home. Did he go online at all to ensure that licenses were updated? Or did he set it as his home Xbox while still offline? If the latter, that's likely his issue.

DJStotty119d ago


You said it yourself

"some, not all, games worked."

So it is not the consoles DRM, but the individual titles DRM.

What is the proportion of "some" vs "not all" out of all games available on the platform? Did they pick around 10 or 20 which they knew did not work and omit the rest?

I can bet you if you try the same on the other consoles, you will get the same DRM result.

RazzerRedux119d ago

I'm not arguing any points. Just pointing out what was said.

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HotMoltenLava119d ago

I was gonna post the same. They know that as long as you play on your home xbox you dont need online. Once agin fake outrage.

Nofamboyism119d ago

totally agreed. Bullshit clickbait article, iv never had an issue on any of my xboxs playing games offline. Literally not even once. Don’t think iv had an issue on my playstations neither.

NotoriousWhiz119d ago

Any tests run regarding digital titles on a console not set as your primary console are meaningless.

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