Far Cry 6 Leak Reveals Brand New 'Lions of Yara' Statue

Far Cry 6 still doesn't have a release date, but the game will supposedly launch before April 2022. A new leak has given a glimpse at an official statue.

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Thundercat77239d ago

I hope this is not the same old Far Cry formula with just a new map.

REDGUM239d ago

Although I agreed with you above, I'm a sucker for a far cry game so will probably get it if it was the same formula anyway lol. I have a feeling they'll mix it up though this time as that was the main consensus and i think it was heard by them.

Here's hoping anyway.

NoFanBoy239d ago

I think they will try but it will end up feeling like all the others.

Thundercat77239d ago

The series is long due for new innnovation. Just like God of War and Resident Evil have reinvented their franchises.

I like Far Cry but I'm tired of playing the same game with just a new story and a new map.

abstractel239d ago

That what looks to be a real-time cinematic in the beginning of the clip is looking pretty rough for next-gen expectations.

HansyJ238d ago

I totally forgot about this game. Wasn’t this game advertise for a release date sometime in early 2021? LOL