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Biomutant is an imaginative, single-player action-RPG set against a post-post-apocalypse where tiny mammals have become martial arts masters. Think TMNT, but instead of turtles Splinter found a ferret, a guinea pig, someone’s cat, and Gizmo from Gremlins. These weird-looking mutant animals have inherited an Earth in danger of ending all over again – but not before they learnt to walk upright and build guns.

TheColbertinator1101d ago

Been seeing mixed all over. The reviewers liked the variety of the world but apparently it is full of half- baked ideas. Ubisoft signature.

CaptainHenry9161100d ago

I got an early code and I don't like the game but that's my opinion

wolf5811100d ago

I have said It here in n4g that biomutand in my opinion It ll by a mediocre game that Will hit below 80% in metacritic... Well right now its 62%....as I said about returnal that ll be 85 to 88....i m happy i was right again...

Suave_Langosta1100d ago

Bow down to 581 the game review god-king,

Are you a generous god whom only asks for us to kneel?

DOMination-1100d ago

Good point, other than the fact it's a THQ game.

neutralgamer19921101d ago

I said few days ago this game got so much hype and the more they show the less interest it was generating. This isn't surprising. Instead of having all these cool ideas which are half baked how about less ideas but more focused and polished experience. Please stop think like ubi where bigger is always better

bloop1100d ago

Can't understand where the hype was coming from for Biomutant in the first place. It looked like the definition of mediocrity since it was first announced 🤷🏼‍♂️

neutralgamer19921100d ago

I think it's being a new IP www exciting because this industry is all about sequels it seems

Game has potential but devs should have focused on few key features and polished them instead of throwing the kitchen sink at it and nothing sticks

Yui_Suzumiya1100d ago

Why I haven't played a Ubisoft game in over a decade

Outlawzz1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

This game is getting destroyed by reviews. I had hopes for it, I like animal humanoid games there's not enough good ones around lol I'll probably still purchase when it's much lower in price such a shame

akaFullMetal1101d ago

The game always looked unpolished or unfinished and now that it is coming out I had hoped they would take care of these things but alas they didn't it seems.

TheTony3161101d ago

So basically, good ideas but poorly executed.

kneon1101d ago

That seems to be the theme of most of the reviews that aren't gushing over it.