Inside the Driver game that died so that Watch Dogs could live

From VG247: "When cars slide, they leave tyre marks. In a game like Driver, they’re an aesthetic touch, part of the inherent cool of a handbrake turn. But those dark shadows in the road also tell a story. From tyre marks, you can determine the speed of a vehicle, when it started to skid, and its ultimate direction of travel – long after the car itself has vanished into the distance."

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vallencer551d ago

Different spellings in different parts of the world friend. Tyre is a correct way to spell it.

Pridefall551d ago

Dunno why you got downvpted when tyre is correct in Australia.

mikefizzled1551d ago

The mystery that is En Fore Gee

neutralgamer1992551d ago

Give us driver San Francisco remastered

Ninver551d ago

I'd prefer a remake tbh

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen551d ago

Why did they stop making some of the best games ever? Driver was one of them.

Gameseeker_Frampt551d ago

Assassins Creed 2 showed Ubisoft how to make money and Far Cry 2 showed them that gamers don't like complex ideas. Now Ubisoft just turns out games that are just variations of the same thing.

WeAreLegion551d ago

Best driving mechanics ever made. Nothing has come close.

Gardenia551d ago

A story driven game with pure driving gameplay. I'd love to see a new Driver game or a remake of the first one.

ApocalypseShadow551d ago

Yes. This one. A definite remake of the first without adding any ridiculous fluff. The first game had great physics and sound for its time. The start of the car in the beginning cinema I watched constantly. My father and uncles were big muscle and classic car freaks. Only thing crazy about the game was the relentless cops in the last level. Insane the way those police cars were and launched at you.

Bleemcast made it look better just like PC emulators. But would definitely take a remake.

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