Dying Light Platinum Edition Leaked, Includes Dozens of Skins and DLCs

While Dying Light 2 is not out for a while, the developers are releasing a new Platinum edition for the first game that comes with a lot of DLCs.

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dsammy0459d ago

I swear it’s another version released every year. Just stop and drop Dying Light 2

VTKC59d ago

The question is, will it all be on the disc? Or is it just those dam voucher codes.

ocelot0759d ago

Since they are repackaging it again how about a next gen patch. Not sure why but on PS4 I couldn't play the game for longer than 15 minutes. Can't explain it but it's the only game that's effected me. Sort of made me sick and dizzy. Yet I can play it fine on pc.

sourOG59d ago

Reaching Skyrim status. I love the game but damn. Super hyped for DL2 but not enough to buy DL again. Good for those that haven’t bought it yet.