Terminator Resistance Enhanced PS5 Load Times Are Insane

Terminator Resistance Enhanced is out as a free upgrade for PS5. While the visual upgrade is not that significant, the load times are eye-opening.

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Shubhendu_Singh62d ago

I am grateful more people are checking this game out.
Mediocre game. But its a 10/10 mediocre game.

NeoGamer23262d ago

The gameplay was fine, I just found the story and overall theme of the game was very forgettable.

monkey60263d ago

I forgot myself a few times with this. I was sitting waiting for something to change and forgetting I needed to press a button to continue.

They've also fixed the bugged trophies now

robtion63d ago

Just finished it on ps5 last week. There are still several bugged trophies (collection related).

The trophy for finishing the game also only pops if you make a certain choice at the end and not the other choice (at least in my case that is what happened).

ZeekQuattro63d ago

I played this on my XBO. Don't remember load times being that long. Yikes.

TheCaptainKuchiki63d ago

After many years, we got used to long loading times.
I still cringe when I see GTA V taking several minutes to load on PS4.

waverider63d ago

That some huge upgrade on loading times. Really great.

MetroidFREAK2163d ago

I ordered a PS5 copy from Limited Run Games. I should my copy in June. I'm hype... those load times are impressive

Chevalier63d ago

Same! Can't wait for my copy as well.

MetroidFREAK2163d ago

I never played or even heard of the game. I watched gameplay and was interested. Heard mixed to good things so I'm cautiously optimistic and I'm willing to give it a shot

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The story is too old to be commented.