'Destiny 2' Warns Not To Push Vault Of Glass Bosses Off Edges, And They're Serious

“Late last night, the Bungie Help account tweeted what I thought had to be the driest of Destiny jokes out there, ahead of the release of Vault of Glass today in Destiny 2.”

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Yppupdam66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I think Bungie should be less concerned about players pushing bosses off edges and more about pushing gamers off the game....

Shubhendu_Singh65d ago

PvP a mess.
PvE has been better than it was ever before. And last season was received pretty great.

Rude-ro65d ago

No.. pve has improvements..
But the core weekly grind is still two years old.
PvP has not only not received new maps in the last two years, but Luke pve has actually lost more content than gained.

Players are to pay $39 for an expansion and $10 every season for something to do while the core gameplay loop is stuck in 2019

CobraKai65d ago

Ha. I was about to give D2 another shot until I saw that they archived the original campaign; I decided not to bother.

Shubhendu_Singh61d ago

Why are people upset over the Campaign ? It was dogshit and you know it, 5 hours tops.
Real game has always been weekly activites.

CobraKai61d ago

I know it? I never got the chance to start it.
I was bogged down by never ending long ass loading screens

sawoosevens65d ago

They not bright enough to realize that they paywall too much they should make the game complete free to play, and only charge for weapon and armor customizations, I mean that model works great for so many other games. bungie charges for dlc, microtransactions, and every season that doesnt seem sustainable to me.

TrueViper64d ago

They also charge for ridiculous physical items for completing bs things in game like if you complete Vault of Glass before first Tuesday reset you can buy a stupid looking ring for the low price of $125.

Yui_Suzumiya64d ago

Why not just finish the campaign and call it a day?

Shubhendu_Singh61d ago

I bought the annual pass for 20$.
That is 5$ a season. Go ahead and tell me what better value proposition is there in any game currently out ?

When was the last time you played Destiny.

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CorndogBurglar65d ago

So they bring back a Raid from Destiny 1 in the latest Destiny 2 update, and didn't bother changing the exploit that lets you knock the boss off the ledge for an easy kill.

This is an exploit that has been known in Destiny 1 for over 7 years, mind you. If Bungie doesn't want people using this exploit then they should have fixed it by now. Surely they could have added something to the ledge to keep the boss from being able to fall over, like an invisible wall, or, I don't know, some kind of guard rail?

But punishing players by making their Raid run invalid because they were too lazy to fix this exploit is a bit ridiculous.

Profchaos65d ago

Yeah they are to busy removing content so that owners of the game like myself can't even play what they own on the disc because they decided to put the base campaign in their vault.

The games now just a giant mobile pay to play game

Demon3765d ago

I play the game and don't pay for anything, so not sure what you mean by "
The games now just a giant mobile pay to play game"

DarthZoolu65d ago

Which is exactly why I don't play destiny 2. When it hit game pass I downloaded it to attempt to give Bungie another chance after how pissed off I was after playing destiny 1 through all of its different iterations. After playing 5 minutes of destiny 2 I realize that this is just destiny 1 with different paint. NOPE!

ShamefulJosher65d ago

To be fair the 7 year old bug was with bosses AI moving to avoid AoE grenades and falling off ledges. They did fix that issue. The new glitch is a long process with activating stasis supers at the right time and then knocking them back. I am not saying it is great that it is there, but it is a different issue not the same one people were using 7 years ago.

TrueViper64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Don't know if grenades still work, but there are weapons in the game that's actual mechanic is knockback like Leviathans Breath bow so that makes Bungie look more incompetent and lazy because its a legitimate game mechanic. They also locked out the new Hunter exotic boots for 24 hours because they are OP and again Bungie is incompetent and lazy.

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Aussiesummer65d ago

How lazy can you get. Disgusting.

ramtah65d ago

how is this game around i quit when they removed peter dinglage voice and they misslead us from the first trailer destiny one lol

Demon3765d ago

Good for you, others enjoy the game .... nothing to see really.

thesoftware73065d ago

You quit because they removed a voice actor?

Go drink some tea, hold your mug with both hands and take a sip.

65d ago
CrimsonWing6965d ago

I don’t get why devs get so bent out of shape on explore. It’s a freaking videogame for chrissake. I’d understand if it’s PvP and an exploit ruined another player’s experience but this is PvE and who cares?

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