Sora is Never Coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Kingdom Hearts fans might want to let go of Sora joining Smash Ultimate, considering how hard it would be for Nintendo to add him now.

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ZeekQuattro62d ago

Never wanted him in the first place. Square has enough reps anyway.

curtain_swoosh61d ago

Square has a total of .. 2
Sora aint Square anyways. Hes owned by Disney.

RPGer61d ago

Sepiroth, Cloud, 4 Dragon Quest Heroes.

Total of... 6 :)

CosmicTurtle61d ago

We all know DQ characters are Enix. Whatever the company is called.

Inverno61d ago

So you're saying that it would show favoritism towards Square and that it would be going against the spirit of Smash by having too many SE characters. But there being 8 Fire Emblem characters, 9 Mario characters, 8 pokemon characters contradicts this statement. Just because they've recently revealed Sephiroth doesn't mean they can't still reveal Sora in a later pack should they still have plans to support Ultimate further. This article makes no sense

lucian22961d ago

As cool as sora would be.... The characters you mentioned are all Nintendo characters lol

nommers61d ago

Also to be fair SE has a lot of characters people still want in, even more than most other companies: Sora, 2B, Lara Croft, Crono, other FF characters.

franwex61d ago

I mean...if there’s enough money to be made they may change their minds. Plus it’s technically another sword character-so that’s the easiest ones to implement (according to the developers). Minimal effort, and high demand?

curtain_swoosh61d ago

but considering who owns Sora ... Disney aint about that crossover unfortunately

curtain_swoosh61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

been saying this for years.

Disney doesnt do crossovers unfortunately. and its not just Sora they'd have to add, its the KH themed stage, assist trophies, Music.. its not so easy unfortunately.

any other company would be glad to have that kind of exposure, but Disney doesnt need it or frankly want it.

and ppl like to blame Square or say favouritism towards them, but they have no say in it.

Disney owns everything KH related, the FF characters are only guest appearances really.

Nntendo would have to pay top dollars for Sora. id love for him to be in the game but considering all of that ... yeh.

SenorFartCushion61d ago

Wouldn’t you ignore the Disney elements? A train made of fireworks will do, we don’t need to see a model of the Disney ride.

FallenAngel198460d ago

Kingdom Key has Mickey’s logo on it and you can’t do the spirits without including three of the most prominent recurring characters, that being Mickey, Donald & Goofy

SenorFartCushion60d ago

You could change the key with parts of the other keys and use the other characters as spirits. Doesn’t the 3rd game have 13 final bosses or something?

FallenAngel198460d ago

Why alter the shape of the iconic keychain if you’re going to include the character?

If they were going to add Sora at all including the Disney elements is a given. If you have to jump through hoops just to accommodate him might as well not have him in to begin with

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