Crysis 2 Remastered Was Just Confirmed by Crytek

After numerous leaks and rumors, Crysis 2 Remastered was just confirmed by Crytek with a screenshot of the game shared on Twitter.

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isarai120d ago

Can you not base it off the ps3/360 version this time ya dweebs

Crazyglues119d ago

I just watched the whole thing again on Youtube, was an awesome game, loved playing it when it came out on PS3, but if they are not going to really go in this time and use the latest Crytek 5.6 engine and bring back multiplayer, I don't want to hear nothing about it...

masterfox120d ago

Crytek should stop fooling around and start developing a proper Crysis game, 2 and 3 story was pretty bad and very annoying imo, not to mention the core gameplay were nothing like the originals.

Kornholic119d ago

What do you mean, Crysis 2 story was pretty good and engaging.

Profchaos119d ago

It was pretty enjoyable overall but I would of loved more psycho I know we got 3 but still

masterfox119d ago

in Crysis 2 , very linear path and very narrow for exploration, since the moving forward was so narrow there were no missions or playthrough for vehicles to move around like in Crysis or Crysis Warhead, there were a few parts in Crysis 2 when you enter some of them but since the streets were so cluttered the vehicles were kinda useless, somehow walking in the city felt claustrophobic, the weapons sound effects effings sucked! in comparison to the first two, the weapons in Crysis 2 sound so weak, not to mention I always end up using same damn gun cause the variety was pretty poor as well, the enemy soldiers with their white suit look so cute lol, they didn't look menacing one damn bit, the whole crysis 2 game were segment of battles after battles it felt repetitive, and for the story I was like , da funk!, Prophet shows it self dying to another character then it kill it self, the other guy uses the suit the turns into Prophet later on?, wtf?, what happened to to the other guy Alcatraz mind?, the whole damn story of Crysis in 2 and 3 turn into a Alien screwing up Alcatr....I mean Prophet's head, in the first two was about the discovery of an Alien Race that probably will screw up the world, and nothing about a damn alien screwing up your head like in 2 and 3, should it be a segment with a psychiatrist or something that you can relax sit back and tell all your Alien mind issues. lol

Still in the end the biggest screw up Crytek did with the franchise imo is that they move away from the interactivity / physics and open world mechanics the first two games had, the first two felt alive, organic and felt you were in a real jungle and the atmosphere was great, a huge village, industrial plant or the green plains can be your battleground, in Crysis 2 are just some streets blocks lol, seriously freaking sucked what they did to Psycho in Crysis 3, heck what even happened to Nomad?.

abstractel119d ago

@masterfox It's fine if you don't like non-open world games but not every game needs to be so it's not really a fair criticism. I'm for one looking forward to semi-linear Ratchet and Clank PS5 plus recently enjoyed playing through It Takes Two. The rest of your opinions are yours to have but I enjoyed Crysis 2 and even 3. I think they crashed as a studio with the stunning looking game with very repetitive gameplay; Ryse: Son of Rome. Singular big budget games have brought down plenty of other studios.

Speaking of Crytek; they survived on their engine, selling parts of it to Amazon, making a slight comeback with Hunt and trying to make some money from these remasters. Wouldn't mind seeing them bring back the Crysis franchise to current gen consoles. If they've retained any of their technological talent they could get back to showing us what cutting edge looks like.

TheRealTedCruz119d ago

They have no monies.
I'm surprised they even managed to keep the doors open the last few years.

Fluke_Skywalker119d ago

Seems I'm one of the few who agree with you @masterfox,each to their own. But I also think the first game was great, Warhead was great but 2 and 3 were absolutely garbage. That said gameplay was good and obviously the graphics were amazing, but the story was utter garbage.

Trilithon119d ago

EA sucks. boycott this stupid publishing company. the cigarettes of the gaming industry

Profchaos119d ago

Crysis came out in a time where EA wasn't reputable by any means but they weren't pushing gaas or loot boxes and to their credit crysis remastered didn't add these things in so my purchase of crysis remastered and 2 is basically me enjoying the game but also me saying I want single player and not with gaas or loot bixes

CrimsonWing69119d ago

Well, they gave us probably one of the best Star Wars games in Fallen Order so I guess they’re not all that bad?

GreatSako2020119d ago

This has nothing to do with EA. EA was the original publisher. This one is done by cryteck

Yui_Suzumiya119d ago

Finally dammit! The entire trilogy needed a remaster, not just the first. Despite loving the second game, even I'll admit that it ran like ass on the PS3. This is most assuredly wanted. Now do the third as well 😁

Profchaos119d ago

Agree it was unplayable on PS3 and 360 from what I saw. I did play it on PC and it was the first taste of next gen for me.

Yui_Suzumiya119d ago

It ran 15 to 20 frames on PS3 normally so seeing it run 60 on PS4 would be amazing. The third game is my favorite so I hope they'll do it as well 😁

TheRealTedCruz119d ago

I'm PC now, but the performance of Crysis 3 and FarCry 3 on the 360 is literally what pushed me to throw a little over a grand into my first PC build.

chicken_in_the_corn119d ago

Why will they not make Crysis 4?

Fishy Fingers119d ago

Honestly, not sure they could finace it right now. Probably why we're seeing these remasters.

Profchaos119d ago

It would only happen if these remasters sell well

KTF26119d ago

because they wasted a lot of money opening new studios while not delivering games

darthv72119d ago

No offense but shooters are a dime a dozen. Id rather they make Ryse 2.

TheRealTedCruz119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I second this.
Felt Ryse was highly underrated. The game was a lot of fun, and still looks impressive visually.
I have it on PC, and it still rivals many modern releases.

lazyboyblue119d ago

I logged in just to upvote this.

NoFanBoy119d ago

Easy money, maybe they will eventually if these remasters sell well.

porkChop119d ago

Because they don't have the money to finance a project of that scale. They're likely hoping the remasters sell well enough to kick-start development of the next game.

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