Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake Is In Development by Fans

Fans are working on a remake for Resident Evil Code Veronica after the refusal of Capcom to remake the game. Maybe it can lead to an official response?

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Nerdmaster118d ago

As Code Veronica is the true sequel to RE2 and was created to be RE3, it saddens me that Capcom mostly ignores its existence.
Capcom will surely shut this project down, but I do hope they get that RE fans really want a remake. Heck, even if it was a quick cash-grab like RE3 Remake I wouldn't complain too much.

Michiel1989118d ago

wouldnt surprise me if it gets a remake, they got the engine for it now and they kind of got the formula down to make a remake. They dont need to design characters or story from scratch, so there is a big incentive for them to remake it.

would love to see a remake actually since I never played it before.

Nerdmaster117d ago

"since I never played it before."
This applies to a lot of people.
I think Capcom would make it big by marketing CV as "the direct sequel to RE2", saying things like "Follow Claire in her search for Chris".

Michiel1989117d ago

doubt it will outsell any of the numbered remakes, but marketing it like that will probably give it a boost yeah. especially with how hot RE is doing lately there should be a big enough audience for it.

HeliosHex118d ago

Ah yes the one with the dude that turns into a sexy tyrant. Veronica was a wild game.

KingofBandits118d ago

The "dude" never turns into a female Tyrant. Alex Ashford was mentally ill and his sister is the infected experiment.

HeliosHex114d ago

Ah yes tricksterarrow helped me out. It was dead aim that had the "dude" that turned into a sexy trans tyrant. Veronica was a good crazy game too. I remember the little napoleon guy that was nuts.

HeliosHex114d ago

Lol was that dead aim? Thanks been many years since I played these games these early titles I often get mixed up.

-Foxtrot118d ago

I’m sure Capcom will do it officially after RE4

I just hope to you they don’t use the RE3 Remake team and rush it

RE3 was wasted potential, they really need to do a directors longer cut for the new gen

KingofBandits118d ago

REmake 3 is a great game that just missed on some of its potential. The game needed 1 to 2 more sections and more of a winding city path between them. It also needed more costumes and its Mercs mode

filchron118d ago

Wouldn’t work well as a TPS. The soundtrack and the ambiance were supposed to invoke the 3D surreal diorama that this game was because of the swooping pans and other camera angles that made the game feel like this and not a generic OTS shooter.

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