Can CD Projekt Red Make a Comeback After the Cyberpunk 2077 Disaster?

From Xfire: "CD Projekt Red is a small-ish studio with a staff of fewer than 1,000 employees, located in two cities in Poland. While Witcher 3's massive success brought about a ton of goodwill for the studio, Cyberpunk 2077's launch state tarnished that reputation. It's not just the fans and critics that have turned against the studio, but their own investors have filed multiple lawsuits against them. From such a cornered state, can CD Projekt Red make a grand comeback from the disaster called Cyberpunk 2077?"

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jeromeface64d ago

of course, witcher 3 wasn't the witcher 3 of today at launch either...

Darkborn64d ago

And they didn't intentionally lie to their fans for the Witcher 3 like with cyberpunk.

alb189963d ago

Stop this shit of playing victim because all players were attacking the delays of the game claming to release it. They are guilty but it isn't a big deal as you want to make it.

Mr_cheese63d ago

Sorry Alb but you're wrong.

If you're a cook cooking chicken and the customer was pestering you to take it put the oven early, as the cook, you wouldn't because they'd get food poisoning.

They knew the game was cooked fully, and yet they still took it out of the oven and sold us a half baked product.

Notellin63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


Yeah you have a terrible take on the situation. You deserve the down votes.

Eidolon64d ago

Witcher 3 was magnitudes less of a buggy mess, and I played it day 1 on PS4 launch. Can't honestly recall major bugs or glitches besides the horse races glitch that locked me out of a trophy without another playthrough, of course I'd have needed another one for Gwent. They came from fame, from Witcher 3 's success. This failure of a launch will not be forgotten. And yes it's a failure, imagine if they didn't have backings of fans and marketing.

CS764d ago

Why would you say this?

We both know that Witcher 3 was nowhere near as buggy as Cyberpunk on release.

You do know by excusing and supporting the release of buggy games you ensure that it continues to happen right?

Abear2163d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Exactly, they took a year and a ton of fan feedback to make Witcher a complete game. Fool me once shame on you…but it’s a real shame CDPR can’t release a complete polished game. I’ve learned my lesson supporting these hacks. Hopefully they fix it bc even though I got my refund I still do want to see the story through. The world is a joke compared to GTA5 though, a game that released on two gens ago…go to obscure locations off the beaten path and see the lack of detail in the world, it’s pathetic for an open world of this budget.

enkiduxiv63d ago

Comparing this release to the Witcher 3 is problematic. Witcher 3 was buggy but not this buggy and, more importantly, Witcher 3 launched with all of the features it has now. CyberPunk is a great core experience, but it is still missing a lot of the features it needs to work as an immersive open world.

If the devs can find a way to add back even some of the features (improved AI, optional BDs, better driving mechanics, meaningful body augments, etc... ) within the next year, CyberPunk may be able to turn it around, but the we are probably only going to get bug fixes and some tacked on DLC.

Now, the bigger question is whether CDPR can recover their mojo for the next game. I really want to believe that they can, but history is against them. Look at Bioware and Bethesda, each iteration of their classic RPG formula has gotten a little worse and there is really no evidence to suggest that Starfield and Dragon Age 4 will be a return to form (again, I really hope I am wrong about this). While the executives of CDPR didn't completely sell out (say what you want about marketing, this game isn't filled to the brim with Microtransactions) they did force their developers to abandon the RPG moniker for the much more marketable action genre. This is a really bad sign. The attempt to force the game the be Grand Theft Auto also feels like a sleazy marketing decision.

The industry as a whole is making it harder to offer the traditional CRPG experience at the triple AAA level. Take a game like the Last of US 2 as an example. While it is not an rpg, it does involve a story that is heavily reliant on player agency. We need to feel like Ellie's choices are our own to experience the game. However, some people fail to experience this connection because they aren't given the option to choose to do the things Ellie does. The story is simply on rails.

Unfortunately, Devs can't give us any meaningful choices anymore because doing so would ruin franchises. We need marketable protagonists that always make it to the next title. We also need cinematic graphics that in some cases dilute the experience. For example, Fallout 4 has fewer dialogue options because they needed to have a voiced protagonist to compete with the likes of CDPR and Bioware. I can't imagine any of these companies bucking the industry trends at this point.

Godmars29063d ago

The "original" Witcher probably wasn't as broken as Cyberpunk 2077 either.

Oddly enough, all they seem to have to do is set specific, non overly ambitious, goals while sticking to a set production schedule. That Versus sitting on your @$$ for three years of a five year project, upending what work was done, while letting people who aren't actually doing the work, who have no idea what's involved, making demands which again upend production.

TheHan63d ago

@Jeromeface; I agree, of course they can make a comeback. Most games and developers can as long as they get them fixed sooner rather than later. I for one am eagerly waiting for the New gen system update to come out. It’s the first game on my list of games to complete.

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Rebel_Scum64d ago

Only fools close the door.

seanpitt2364d ago

They just need to move on from cyberpunk and make Witcher 4 and try and win their fans back

Tedakin64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

No they need to fix the broken and incomplete game they sold to 13 million people on a lie. A lot of people still haven't played it cause they're waiting for it to be fixed, including me. I bought it January 2020 and I'm still waiting to play it..

arkard64d ago

They offered refunds. If you didn't take it to rebuy when the game was fixed, that's on you

GameZenith63d ago

The game wasnt out January 2020....

If you mean January 2021, then why did you buy the game? I mean by January 2021 it was already clear that this game was in bad shape and needed months to fix.

Poor decision making on your part.

Rebel_Scum63d ago

On a lie...tell me this lie.

Tedakin62d ago

For those confused about January 2020. I preordered it then. And @arkard why take a refund for a game just to rebuy it later? You guys act like it's on me that CDPR released the most disappointing mess in gaming history filled with lies. Blame them, not the gamer.

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Yui_Suzumiya63d ago

I don't care for the Witcher Series though, only Cyberpunk from them.

SDuck64d ago

Just by announcing Witcher 4 they'd instantly get their comeback

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outsider162463d ago

This time I'll wait for reviews (critic and user), gameplay, and the buy it.

masterfox63d ago

haha nope, the problem is that, lets say they show something spectacular for the Witcher 4 , are you going believe in them?, I definitely not cause common sense.

Yui_Suzumiya63d ago

Outside of Dragon Age 2 I don't care for fantasy themed RPG's.. I just want them to fix Cyberpunk and then make a sequel.

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MocBistro64d ago

Making the game first person and it's already doomed

KyRo64d ago

But you everyone loves Fallout which is played in first person by the majority of players and that is a dated, poorly voice acted, poorly animated ugly mess with a great story but people still love them games.

Bethesda get a free pass for the same shortfalls that Cyberpunk had but people won't discuss that because Bethesda can do no wrong apparently.

Espangerish63d ago

The fallout games were loved on the PS3 era when their faults were tolerated given the technology available, they were good for the time. Fallout 4 was no where near as well received and was criticised for a lack of technical progression. Fallout 74 was massively panned.

Where’s Bethesda’s ‘free pass’?

anast63d ago

Bethesda, Activision, Blizzard, EA and so on used up all the good will. Cyberpunk failed at the wrong time, this stuff is no longer "cute."

Fluke_Skywalker63d ago

It was their game and they made it the way they wanted (I mean in regards to first person not bugs) and that's fine. But I definitely did feel while I was playing it that it would have been much better in 3rd person.

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