I Miss Ratchet & Clank's Tongue In Cheek Naming

The innuendos made it so that both adults and kids could get different enjoyment from Ratchet & Clank.

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SullysCigar494d ago

Someone pointed out on another thread that if you swap the 'F' and the the 'P', you get Ratchet & Clank Ript Afart lol

In any case, it looks incredible and I'll be grabbing it immediately upon release!

Relientk77494d ago

Insomniac originally wanted to name A Crack in Time, "Clock Blockers" but the name was rejected because it sounds to close to something

darthv72494d ago

That would have been a good name.

Rimeskeem493d ago

A Quest for Booty was legendary lol

Limitedtimestruggle493d ago

I'm sure some snowflakes or two would wage twitter wars if Insomniac came up with a nice name though.

Teflon02493d ago

I thought the idea was to sound like Ripped a Fart tbh. I just assumed like every other name it was something silly behind it too

Concertoine492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

Ratchet and Clank used to be so much edgier. The new games look and play great, but where did the whimsical Pixar tone come from? I get they needed to sell a movie but why did it stick lol

Teflon02492d ago

What do you mean why did it stick? Did you play any Ratchet game since the movie? I'm confused. I know damn well I didn't see a new one since. People just running with nothing. Like they're suppose to make a trailer of edgy jokes when even the old games didn't have that much edgy jokes even if you could call em edgy. They were just just jokes of the time really. Going commando, up your arsenal, a crack in Time, full frontal assault, rift apart. They're all names that literally sound like silly jokes when you think about it. The others are a bit of a stretch. But how about you wait until the game releases and see, then make that call. Things were fine until a crack in Time and none of the Ratchet games since were full blown new Ratchet games. Closest was a movie tie in that was literally suppose to be kiddy

Concertoine492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

Theres been two since the movie, the reboot tie in and this new one.

It isnt just the jokes that were edgy. There were multiple rated T Ratchet games. Ratchet and Clank had more of a buddy cop dynamic where they brushed against each other with conflicted personalities. Now theyre just cutesy best friends without any friction or any dynamic at all. The music and aesthetics are also just less edgy. Just my personal opinion, but the older games had more character.

493d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.