Biomutant Supports 1080p/60fps on PS5, 4K/60fps On Xbox Series X in New Gameplay Videos

Official Biomutant tweet writes: "Wait, we promised more unedited gameplay footage? Sorry it took so long, but here are PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X videos for you!

PS5: https://t.co/lgSQ6e8ZDj
XBSX: https://t.co/uZVwAi3lCu

Please be aware that this is not a native current gen experience. More info soon™."

gamingtext20201101d ago

So when they do release the next get patch, it’s only going to be for the PS5? It looks like the Series X is already able to run the game at 4K/60fps thru BC just fine.

Orchard1101d ago

They say a native version is coming for both platforms. So perhaps Xbox will get a 1440p120hz mode?

Pricey1101d ago Show
Orchard1101d ago

@Pricey May not be that much work if they're already hitting 4K60 without a Scarlett native version.

But shrug, given the disclaimer on the trailer above, they clearly put more effort into Xbox than PS despite Xbox not being the market leader.

Pricey1101d ago Show
Orchard1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

@Pricey I don't buy games nor consoles based on who the market leader is, I buy them because they are fun to play, and ideally perform well.

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Orchard1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

@Pricey Not really sure how console sales are really related to this topic anyway. I can't use Sony's sales figures to get this game to run at 4K on my console, can I?

The game performs better on XSX than PS5, likely due to the backwards compatibility differences (this isn't a native game). And that is something which Sony could have corrected, and with so many sales and users, should have.

There's nothing else to discuss here really, the end user experience is as shown in the videos above, no amount of console sales are going to change that fact.

wolf5811101d ago Show
Orchard1101d ago

@wolf581 I'll be playing both, because they are completely different genres of game and are releasing weeks apart :)

Why limit myself to one or the other when I can have both.

Sayai jin1101d ago

Why is it people think gaming has to be one-sided or either of. I will play R&C with my daughter and Boomerang.

As far as the financial topics people tend to bring up...I most likely older than most on this site. I own stock in several companies, particularly MSFT and NYSE. So I have a personal take, but don't doing to sales numbers like some. My guess is that they do it to cheerlead for thir favorite console. I am not saying people can't mention sales numbers, as they are sometimes relevant and people have free will. At least it should be relatable to the topic at hand.

On topic, interested in the next gen patch.

anubusgold1101d ago

Or its those bad amd boost clocks messing things up amd has always been crap with boost clocks ever since the phenom 2. You see jank in games when their cpus are boosting thats why i always lock my cpu speeds on amd for years.

OB1Biker1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

If it's native version then that mode should be on both or not at all.

KillBill1101d ago

@Pricey many games have sold more on Xbox than on PlayStation though PlayStation has held the larger gamerbase. And with so many PlayStation users slighting the game then why would they not focus equally as much on the gamerbase that is not bad mouthing them because PS5 has an issue with BC?

wolf5811100d ago

Y have plenty of time free if y can play both and biomutand a game that for my opinion It ll be mediocre and in my opinion again itll hit below 80% in metacritic...
Just for the record i have xboxsx and switch and ps5 but i prefer to play AAA GAMES like halo infinite finger crosed there, rachet, gow etc.
You r one of these guys that r Just waiting to read some thing negative about ps5 performance and be out and play nice and objective....i hope y play yakuza, assasins, dirt5 at launch and many other games on your ps5 because of better performance

Michiel19891100d ago

@orchard if the standard would be for any game to always give the same or better treatment to the market leader, that starts to sound an awful lot like a monopoly.

I do agree its just shitty to have such a wide gap between the 2 versions and that it shoudl rather release a bit later with more similar versions, but market leader has nothing to do with that.

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Saijahn1101d ago

@pricey, who care about market lead aside from people actually getting paid from these companies? Xbox has the better hardware that can push out more power so in turn higher resolutions and framerates. And it seems to be effortless now.

You worried about the wrong thing

1101d ago
anubusgold1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Why should xbox get held back because playstation is the market leader thats bullcrap. Just like the xbox was way more powerful than the ps2 developers shouldn't have to hold back because of the playstation. There is a reason why ps2 didnt get Morrowind or knights of the old republic because that system couldnt run those games. Or how xbox soul caliber 2 had larger stages with more details in the background.

KillBill1101d ago

"What can we expect to see different from the BC version of Series X play to the native current gen Series X play?" - @BillyHoWCR

"There will definitely be differences, or else there wouldn't be a reason for a native version. But we do not have any details yet, sorry." - @THQNordic


Wrex3691101d ago

Lmao why would this be the case you think they can't add faster load times and other things like better anti aliasing and even higher frame rates? The native BC on Xbox is just that much better, they'll both be getting upgrades and it's not the devs fault, it's you-know-who's

anubusgold1096d ago

I heard sony is making devs port a whole new version of games for ps5 and xbox you only need to patch your games thats why sony performs worse.

CaptainHenry9161101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Don't know about this game yet. 🤔

Sayai jin1100d ago

I am mixed as well. Will wait until it hits game pass. I wondet if it will ha e dual sense support. I may grab it earlier if so.

1100d ago
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iplay1up21101d ago

I am starting to look forward to this game. It looks different.

darthv721101d ago

If this really is 4k/60 on the S then that is impressive.

bleedsoe9mm1101d ago

PS5 is always closer to the S than the X

Kornholic1101d ago


That makes no sense since PS5 usually outperforms XSX on current gen games.

1101d ago
Ra3v3r1100d ago

@OneGreenMRAJ @Kornholic

PS5 was outperforming the XSX in the first month or so regarding frame rate but this was often at the expense of considerably lower resolutions and sometimes whilst rendering less detail. We’re now hitting a point where XSX is consistently outperforming PS5 on multiplats in all aspects. Dunno what rocks you’ve been living under or you’re both purposely ignorant to news that doesn’t match your views.

Also, the PS5 and XSX are the same price so GTFO with that shit. If you’re gonna throw in the PS5 DE as you’re comparison then it’s not even a comparable device - $100 less for a smaller SSD, a less powerful GPU, and the removal of a physical media drive.

And we’re not currently seeing a 2:1 hardware sales difference. PS5 was being manufactured before than the XSX so the stock levels are wildly different. Both devices are sold out but the available volumes of PS5 stock has been higher. Saying that, the PS5 will likely still outsell the XSX come the end of the generation.

It amazes me how so many people won’t look at the bigger picture or outwith news that confirms their bias and then spout it out as facts.

TheHan1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

@Kornholic; Just what games and how many have the PS5 actually out preformed the Series X? Cause most games the series X out preforms the PS5 then those who don’t want to agree always want to be on damage control. I’ve noticed that about some of these “fans”. Btw for one console to support BC and run the BC games, base current console games and the New current gen games all while offering a boost among the older games in performance and allowing you to pay for one game and it’s smart delivered to whatever current console you happen to have. Shows that theirs a lot of good things the Series X does and then some.

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darthv721101d ago

Well now the title and summary have been fixed. It used to say "Biomutant Supports 1080p/60fps on PS5, 4K/60fps On Xbox Series X|S..." so my comment makes no sense to those who are new to this piece.

Christopher1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

I'm not judging you and I'm the one who fixed the title since it was very misleading. The original didn't even say support but said something else that gave the impression it was made for those consoles and wasn't BC. But you folks picked up on that immediately in the comments.