Xbox Series S was India’s Best-Selling Console in April 2021

Microsoft’s more affordable current generation Xbox, the Xbox Series S was India’s best-selling console in April 2021. And while supply chains were impacted for most of the month due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, multiple retailers tell IGN India that the Xbox Series S was routinely available with frequent restocks.

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darthv72746d ago

Not bad, considering they are more into mobile and PC over there.

demonseye746d ago

if I recall correctly the ps5 is completely sold out in India. india`s console market has so far been insignificant. and both the series s and x are still in stock in the country. so considering sony and Microsoft aren't interested in the market of India and the series S is the cheapest it makes sense it came out on top, and as you stated it's mostly a pc and mobile market there.
I think India has about 0.5% of total ps4 sales. and 0.1% of total Xbox last-gen sales. so nothing to write home about.

Atom666746d ago

There's some cool YouTube videos diving into the Indian gaming markets. Just an outsider's view, but the console market there seems to be more focused on affordable older systems, especially the one's that have been modded.

Similar to South America from what I've seen.

DaveZero746d ago

That is real good and I reckon it won't be the only country.

Plus they have a big population as well, so it should be a decent sized market.

The series S will appeal to alot of people on all sides of gaming.

demonseye746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

It's one of the smallest console markets there is. both Microsoft and sony barely send any of their stock there. i guess the only good thing micrsoft got from sending too many serie S there because they arent sold out, is this one news article.

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