Kids hang kitten with videogame controller, sheriff accuses GTA of rape

Destructoid reports: Welcome to the logic train, our first stop is Sensible City! Two nasty little six years old brats somehow found themselves playing Grand Theft Auto, then had the bright idea of pelting stones at a kitten and hanging it with a game controller. This has led the local sheriff to claim that GTA lets you rape women. INTELLIGENCE AT WORK!

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Timesplitter143631d ago

I felt bad for laughing out loud at the title...

And of course, animal cruelty never occured before videogames were invented, right?

Spydiggity3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

This is why you should only use wireless controllers. Sure they cost a few dollars more, but think of all the tragedies that will be averted.

LoVeRSaMa3630d ago

Hanging Kittens with Game controllers.

I am sorry, if Hell didnt exist, it does now, and them Kids are going Straight there :D

The Mikester3630d ago

what is wrong with kids these days?

- Ghost of Sparta -3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Ugh. Stupid kids hanging a helpless cat. I would personally hang these kids myself if I ever ran into them.

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BrunoM3631d ago

OOOO POOOORRRRR LIL CAT ... is all video games fault ... now they gona go and rape girls and kill people ..

ok ok its not funny but some one better beat the sh!t out of these kids ,aibe these is the work out for these dumb kids .. i play all kind of games and dont do crazy sh!t like these .. PARENTS BEAT YOUR KIDS WEN ITS NEEDED and these is ONE OF THOUSE TIMES BEAT THEM!!!

Proxy3630d ago

Where's the parents responsibility?

What parent thinks it's appropriate for a 6 year old to play GTA?

Yi-Long3631d ago

.... while knowing absolutely NOTHING about it.

Incredible that once again the blame gets shifted from the bad parents to a videogame that shouldnt even be played by kids in the first place(!) Incredible, yet sadly hardly surprising anymore.

On related news: I hear reading comicbooks will turn our children into coldblooded serialkilling communists who eat babies and puppies!

thisguywithhair3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Actually, the parents were never blamed and were apparently put into a sympathetic light because they be forced to pay for counselling.

Speed-Racer3631d ago

Utter bullshit....dumbass cops.. dont they realise the game is not the problem... Im sure those redneck parents punish them by sending them to a room with internet, ps3 and tv.... the kids get away with crap and blame the games...they should get a serious kick in the face if u ask me..reminds me of that dumb kid who microwaved a cat.

Cant believe they killed a poor cat...

Proxy3630d ago

A kitten. Even worse.

wwedx3631d ago

i swere this is what happens "theres is no evidense on how this happend so they had a xbox 360 in the house so the xbox 360 cause it"