Top 10 Worst Haircuts In Games

Here the HPP team tallies up ten follicular abortions that would make any barber shudder with abject disgust.

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Deathdeliverer625d ago

Without even looking all 10 better be from Square Enix games or it’s BS. They have hairstyles that are unacceptable in ANY dimension.

MadLad625d ago

I agree with this statement.

MadLad624d ago

Hey, Cloud's design is solid, in my opinion.

Not saying everything is out there, but there's a whole lot of "well .... that's definitely a hair design" within the series.

deleted625d ago

Surprised Vaan from FF12 wasn't on here. Dude had a Karen haircut.

specialguest625d ago

Disagree. That was a cool hairstyle back in the day. If you weren't in on the latest fashion/style trend from that era you wouldn't understand

deleted624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

I was in my mid 20s during that era and it was never trendy for guys to look like a middle age soccer moms lol

*I absolutely love FF12, I just always thought Vaan's design was a bit silly - looked like Meg Ryan or Victoria Beckham

adamwparker624d ago

How did those antagonist weirdos from Pokemon Sword & Shield not make it on this list???