The Last of Us Part 2 has been upgraded for PS5 - and we've tested it

From Digital Foundry: "The Last of Us Part 2 has finally received its long-awaited PlayStation 5 upgrade, 11 months to the day since Naughty Dog's epic sequel launched on PS4 and Pro. It's a free upgrade takes the form of a 299MB patch - version 1.08 - that automatically updates the PlayStation 4 version of the game, offering PS5 users the chance to play the game at 60 frames per second. We've had the patch for a week now, allowing us to extensively test and re-test the game from start to finish.

It's an interesting release: The Last of Us Part 2 stands as one of the most technically ambitious titles released for the PlayStation 4 and we wondered how well this sort of performance patch would work out. After all, no matter how you feel about the game, it's a stunning technical achievement that flirts with the limits of its original platform - and capping to 30fps was required in order to deliver its beautiful visuals. With this in mind, we were curious to see how it would fare on PS5 with its frame-rate limited removed. Can PS5 really lock to 60fps?"

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masterfox72d ago

Putting aside all those muscles and golf players(please dont get mad), I think is time to buy it :D

roadkillers72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

If you didn't think she was hot, I think you might be playing for the wrong team :D

Edit: Sorry, different team

NealGamby71d ago

Straight as an arrow but she wasn’t my cup of tea. I like my women more feminine. Great game, though. I’d highly recommend that all haters give it a chance. I hated on it too, at first.

masterfox71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Ewwww no way man I definitely absolutely not find it hot , I mean come on man! , that scene oh god noooo my eyes!!! , I would rather find more attractive lady demitrescu in monster form than that thing LOL 🤣

Sunny_D71d ago

Not hot, but didn't hate her.

roadkillers71d ago


What about Salvatore Moreau monster form? haha

Nineball211271d ago

Who Abby?... No, she wasn't "hot" and no, not playing for the wrong OR different team.

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71d ago
darthv7272d ago

Nice work Sony. keep em coming... bloodborne next please.

71d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood71d ago

Really hope they get 60fps sorted out for Horizon as well.

darthv7271d ago

Uncharted 4 as well. I figure if ND was able to do one for LoU2 (relatively quick), they can do one for UC4.

BEASELY71d ago

Yeah, Sony, put it on PC.

alb189971d ago

I was waiting for this I get a PS5.....if it is possible jajaja!

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RaidenBlack72d ago

After nearly a whole year, I expected a native PS5 port, complete with higher DRS and enhanced rendering resolution and even better boot time.
Anyways, they finally at least offered the unlocked frame cap.

elazz72d ago

Naughty Dog are working on new projects. They won't make a remake of the game. It looks good enough. I doubt even if there will be a TLOU1 remake because more and more things from those articles seem exaggerated or out of context.

RaidenBlack72d ago

No, not a remake.
A native PS5 port.
Instead of the bc ps4 version.
Something like Miles Morales

Atticus_finch72d ago

It seems to me that you're just looking for reasons to complain. No game looks better and now at 60fps. It was that easy the update would had came out long ago and with more improvements.

Christopher71d ago

They're not, they just have different priorities or think everything that can be done should. I'm fine with Sony focusing their studios on new games. A complete port to ps5 seems like a waste when we wanted BC to support old games and not to focus development on updating them every generation.

CrimsonWing6971d ago

I can barely tell the difference between Miles on PS4 and Miles on PS5

Babadook771d ago

The 60 fps mode is noticeably better though.

Christopher71d ago

Did you check out his reflection on the PS4, though?

71d ago
badz14971d ago


Native 4K or not, TLoU2 already looks better than all native next-gen games out right now and it's 60fps lock. Still wanna complain? Isn't this what people wanted all along? I bet if they release the native PS5 version, trolls will come out in droves and sread the hate on Sony and ND for double dipping on their fans

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SullysCigar72d ago

Hell yes! Seems like this took forever, but I'm glad it was worth the wait. Absolutely gorgeous.

waverider72d ago

Cutting the loading at the start for half is also very good.

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