The Last of Us Part II performance patch for PS5

From PS Blog: "So far 2021 has been incredible, and supremely humbling, as The Last of Us Part II has been recognized with over 300 Game of the Year Awards, an unprecedented achievement. We are super grateful to our community for your terrific support over the past year, including voting us the BAFTA EE Game of the Year and the Golden Joystick Ultimate Game of the Year. We’ve received a ton of fan mail letting us know how meaningful The Last of Us series has been for you and we’ve been astounded by all the excellent fanart, cosplay, and tattoos you have been sharing with us."

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Nyxus65d ago

Nice, looking forward to replaying this game!

_SilverHawk_65d ago

This is awesome. I'm hoping factions 2 is released soon as well. I can't wait to see tlou1 upgrade also

SullysCigar65d ago

This is such awesome news and yes, I wouldn't mind betting Factions 2 news/release will follow close behind.

Then maybe a GOTY edition too!

northpaws65d ago

My favourite MP on console by far, need it badly.

wolf58165d ago

Yep I enjoy the game on ps4pro...because I couldnt resist..but I keep the platinum for the glorius ps5 enchanted version...
For me this game its just in a whole other level in terms of animation,narrative,gameplay.. .it the best example how you can...lets say make an interactive movie

64d ago
rakentaja64d ago

But .. but ..but old games? Who plays those?

wolf58163d ago

The game has not closed even 1 year of its release date.....stop trolling your self

Limitedtimestruggle65d ago

And there we go! Many have waited for this! Digital Foundry on point as always <3

darthv7265d ago

Oh I hope this leads to them making a bloodborne patch as well. DF shows it can work, we just need sony to make it official.

ABizzel164d ago

I don't think we'll see Bloodborne or any games really before the last two years get an upgrade, there's just no incentive for most developers especially if there already isn't a PC version. Horizon is a weird one though since it does have a PC version.

NoFanBoy64d ago

Yeah I wish all 30fps PS4 games get upgrade patches.

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outsider162465d ago

God damn! I wonder if load times are improved too.

Vanfernal65d ago

"Once patch 1.08 for The Last of Us Part II is installed on your PS5, you will find a toggle in the Display options that allows you to choose between a Framerate Target of 30 FPS or 60 FPS. This allows you to choose your preferred framerate to complement the rest of the enhancements that are part of the PS5 backward compatibility with PS4 games, such as an enhanced resolution, faster load times, and more."

Tacoboto65d ago

It's odd verbiage - the resolution isn't enhanced, it's the same 1440p as PS4 Pro.

Regardless - can't wait to try this out!

outsider162465d ago

Hell yeah...i mean heck even on ps4 after you die, the load times are really fast.

RaidenBlack65d ago

After nearly a whole year, I too expected a native PS5 port, complete with higher DRS and enhanced rendering resolution and even better boot time.
Anyways, they finally at least offered the unlocked frame cap.

boing165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Improved by half.

Atticus_finch65d ago

How much more can you improve from the best.

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boing164d ago

Not sure why the disagrees. Loadings are about half shorter on PS5 than they are on PS4.

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Ashunderfire8664d ago

Yes but it loads 43 seconds compared to PS4 1 minute and 30 seconds. Still a little long, but reduce. This upgraded didn't use the PS5 SDD feature for faster load times. But 43 seconds I guess is something.

BenRC0164d ago

Guarantee we'll get a full remaster at some point. ND like to sell these games as many times as possible (and rightly so)

NoFanBoy64d ago

They are halved, PS4 back compat mode does not allow full access to the PS5 hardware sadly.

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medman65d ago

Now we're talkin!! Been waiting for this, and the multiplayer for a long time.

StoneyYoshi65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

FINALLY!! Im curious to know if this is native 4k now.

AnnaDea65d ago

no, still the same resolution as the ps4 pro.

StoneyYoshi65d ago

Yeah I watched the DF video shortly after posting that. Odd that they would say "enhanced resolution" even though it didn't change at all compared to the Pro.

Bennibop65d ago

PS4 pro I think used dynamic resolution so I assume it's now locked

SeTTriP64d ago

Don't know what t.v you guys are playing on but the resolution is differently improved.

I have a q80t and have played tlou2 on both pro and ps5.

The image quality is way cleaner.