Nintendo Switch Online boosts its retro library to more than 100 games

Nintendo has added five more retro games to its Nintendo Switch Online service. This latest batch of games means the service now offers players access to more than 100 retro Nintendo games on the Nintendo Switch.

jznrpg749d ago

I’ll play Metroid for sure . Love the r music in that game

Inverno749d ago

In over 4 years! That's impressively unimpressive. On virtual console the list is at 300 plus. Imagine where it would be at now had they brought it over to the Switch instead of abandoning it for a mediocre subscription service.

Outlawzz749d ago

The catalog sucks tbh lol it's really not anything to celebrate about.

CrimsonWing69749d ago

It’s pretty sh*tty to be honest. I remember loving the VC on the Wii. Like I was happy to buy these retro games. I come on the Switch and barely touch the retro library.

galgor749d ago

A whole five more games?! Wow! Nintendo, you are really spoiling us. Not.

jamesclark1991749d ago

Forever waiting for Majora's Mask to re-appear :-(

749d ago