Geoff Keighley: "The feedback from everyone is that they want these games shows all together"

From "To some, E3 is the name of an event that typically takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Whereas for others, E3 is shorthand for a period of time in June where lots of video games get announced.

Geoff Keighley, the architect of The Game Awards, wants to put a different badge around that period of time. Last year, he launched Summer Games Fest, which was really his attempt to collate together a lot of independent shows and announcements, plus some of his own stuff, under one umbrella."

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dumahim74d ago

Yep! Give me a few days or a week of gaming news. I can pull away from life a bit and just soak it in. Spread out, I need to keep up on the news and track when who is doing what show and remembering to watch.

74d ago
sourOG74d ago

I like how devs randomly contacted keighley last year and said “hey I have something to show”. I liked that aspect, I didn’t mind them being spread out at all. I usually take a few days vacation during e3 but I didn’t miss it last year. I took the last week of the year and New Years off instead.

74d ago
Mr_cheese74d ago

I like the shows. It gives me something to look forward to in the gaming world and has provided some brilliant moments of excitement for me personally.

Even though companies are moving more towards their own solo events, id miss it if we didnt have the circus of E3 conferences

annoyedgamer74d ago

Feedback should be less cringeworthy performances and blatant paid-off awards.

phoenixwing74d ago

You won't get a show at all without those

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