BET Review: Saints Row 2

BET writes: "Saints Row 2 The very words will automatically make the inevitable comparison to the sandbox genre's father, "Grand Theft Auto." It's not really a surprise though, as both games deal with the criminal lifestyle, offer a wide variety of activities in a metropolitan environment, and involve hijacking vehicles.Fortunately, the comparisons end there. "Grand Theft Auto 4" showed the world that Rockstar wants a Hollywood contract, whereas "Saints Row 2" shoved players down into an alternative universe filled with shit spraying trucks, chainsaw wielding cop impersonators, and purple ninjas. So how does this game pan out with all the lowbrow humor and novelty? Surprisingly enough, it's still a good game beneath all the glitter.The storyline starts off several years after the events of the first "Saints Row." You were involved in a Yacht explosion in a political assassination attempt. But since you are equipped with plot armor, you survive the ordeal, and are in major surgery inside a prison. Your character in the first "Saints Row" was forced to be a guy, but you're allowed to pick your gender in the sequel. After picking a gender, you're off to get yourself out of prison and rebuild your gang to take over Stillwater while facing off against three other gangs."SR2" does offer a lot more customization the mere gender swapping though, as you can change almost anything about your character's body via sliders. Change your muscle, age, body fat, and even have B-cups on a man. You also have six different voices, three male and three female, with each voice having a change of dialog in the cut scenes. It is slightly disturbing, but, in the end, you can't help but applaud at the available options to you."

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