Nintendo would rather re-release Spanky's Quest than Earthbound

Despite passing 100 retro games in its store, an Earthbound Nintendo Switch Online release is still not happening as Spanky's Quest and Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 drop on Switch.

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Inverno68d ago

A full remake in the style of legend of mana with a more suitable art style should've been done by now. Problem is Ninty doesn't listen and doesn't care to listen.

CrimsonWing6968d ago

who is making these decisions? Seriously, it almost feels personal at this point.

brewin68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

This is shit. How hard would it be for them to give Earthbound the Links Awakening treatment?! I cannot fathom the switch not having the same retro releases as the wii and even the Wii u. How the Wii u Got much better support for new titles is beyond me! Most of the switch releases from first party are rereleased Wii u games! Their worst selling system gets the most support?! It's like they're making their fans pay for not supporting the Wii u

HawtSkull67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

It only takes common sense to understand why Ninty would rerelease Wii U games on Switch. One is their second worst selling console of all time and the other is on track to be one of their best selling of all time. Most 1st party Switch games aren't rereleases that's just not true. Now the lack of Virtual Console is a legitimate issue as is the pricing of "deluxe" versions of Wii u games. But too say Wii u was better supported us laughable , and to be fair even if that was the case there is a great reason for that too. Nintendo had to keep the Wii U alive by themselves there was almost 0 third party support where as on Switch they have far better 3rd party support. This allows them to stretch out their releases which also gives 3rd parties chances to achieve higher sales which results in more 3rd party support with ports and exclusives. So yes their are definite problems with Switch but games aren't really one of them. There are tons of franchises I would love to see revived on Switch but at the end of the day its a business, and business is about making money.

brewin67d ago

Go ahead and look through the catalog of the switch. If there's not more Wii U ports than brand new switch exclusives Id be damn surprised!


Dumb-asses, but this is Nintendo this should be expected. 😀

ZeekQuattro68d ago

Never liked Earthbound. They should put it on the service at some point however. That said I don't think we need articles like this everytime there's a update to the service that doesn't include Earthbound. Thank god the put the DKC games on there because it was in the same boat. Anyway I can see why they had that Robot Chicken sketch where Reggie used a fire flower on a Mother fan. Its still relevant today. Lmao

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