TalkRadar 30 – co-starring Jeff Gerstmann

GamesRadar writes: "In case you missed TalkRadar 28 (and shame on you if you did), we couldn't fathom why Giant Bomb awarded MK vs DCU a five star rating (their highest score). That led to forumites on both sites to start a-feudin' an' a-fussin' about integrity and other such nonsense, so we simply called Jeff Gerstmann up and now you can hear the results of said conversation. Hint: we're bitter enemies now. For real.

Plus we'll cover Sonic Unleashed, Banjo-Kazooie and a little bit of Prince of Persia, as well as games none of us will get to until 2009. We're also announcing the winners of the SmackDown! create-a-wrestler contest, so 29 lucky listeners will soon have their own copy of the game."

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jaffa_cake3605d ago

Jeff Gerstmann a douche bag, taking money again for fake reviews, mk v dc is a poor game max 2.5 out 5